Are you going to move after this?

Which state are you going to build in?

  • Where will you build your next company?
  • Where are you going to raise a family?
  • Where will you have freedom?

When talking to lifelong friends; these are their exact questions.

With many being prepared to flee blue states for red ones.

I’m sure you have thought about all this too…

States are so polarized nowadays, that raising a child in one school district could turn them into an anti-American commie, while another could lean them towards Biblical principles.

As parents — that responsibility is in our hands.

Big business players are also voting with their feet. Leaving lockdown happy states like California for prominent places like Florida and Texas.

For example:

  • Ben Shapiro
  • Joe Rogan
  • Elon Musk

From interviews, these are the reasons they chose to migrate:

  • Vaccine exemptions
  • Homeschooling regulation
  • Second amendment
  • Political ideology
  • Governor
  • Covid19 response
  • Personal reviews
  • Cost of living

Check out this Google Doc for a list of high level individuals, their reason for fleeing California, and the state they choose to move to.

Where will you plant your roots?

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The Hungry Beaver
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