Free energy for all with an autonomy of 400 years: this is one of the methods that hide us...






The average life of a magnet is at least 400 years. There are several methodologies for obtaining free current. First of all equip yourself with a dynamo, 3 circle magnets and then build the rotating mechanism by placing the magnets in the exact point making them rotate according to their polarity. As you well know they have 2 polarities, positive and negative, positive and positive reject each other, negative and negative too.

There are hundreds and hundreds of methodologies, but the powerful of the earth who have coal, oil, etc., in their hands. they make you believe that only their energy exists and that the methods with magnets are hoaxes, that perpetual motion does not exist and consequently free and clean energy is a hoax.











How to get free electricity?


To make free energy with what you have in case you can use a potato or a lemon. The important thing for this method to work is to choose a very juicy fruit or a fairly large tuber. The juice of the potato, like that of the lemon, allows the passage of electric current.





How to produce electricity from nothing?


In the new research, scientists connected hydrovoltaic electrodes to protein nanowires to generate continuous electrical energy from water vapor naturally present in the atmosphere. "We are literally producing electricity from nothing," said electrical engineer Jun Yao.





How to produce hydrogen at home?

Electrolysis of water is a simple method of producing hydrogen. A low voltage current flowing through the water forms gaseous oxygen at the anode and gaseous hydrogen at the cathode. Generally, a platinum or other inert metal cathode is used when producing hydrogen.





How much does a power generator cost?


from 1,000 to 5,400 euros for three-phase petrol generators. from 1,900 to 6,200 euros for three-phase diesel generators. from 1,400 to 4,000 euros for three-phase silenced petrol generators. from 7,600 to 11,500 euros for single-phase / three-phase diesel shipbuilding generators.






How is heat transformed into electricity?



The heat heats a metal placed at a negative electric potential, which frees electrons around it. These are attracted to another metal at a positive potential and supply electric current through a circuit.




Magnetic motor: free and unlimited energy?





If there is an ever-current theme it is that of energy. We depend heavily on energy obtained from fossil fuels, and we are always looking for clean and sustainable sources that allow us to limit pollution by replacing them as much as possible. Given the large interests at stake, it cannot be doubted that the large companies that manage oil, and other sources of energy, have great economic strength, and are actively working to defend these interests. Therefore, in this field too many conspiracy theories are insinuated, according to which there are methods that would allow to have free, clean and unlimited energy, but that the "strong powers" hinder the spread of such inventions in order not to lose control of the profitable oil.





One of these methods concerns the possibility of creating a "magnetic motor". It would be a motor capable of operating only thanks to permanent magnets, arranged in an ingenious way, able to rotate only thanks to magnetic attraction or repulsion without any supply of energy from the outside. So this miraculous engine, if connected to a dynamo, could generate free and infinite electricity, finally allowing us to free ourselves from fossil fuels and oil tycoons. The project would be so simple that on the net there are a myriad of tutorials to be able to build it at home easily, complete with instructions and demonstration videos. Many have also released the video of their running engine. Both pre-built motors and, more often, actual manuals on how to build your own magnetic motor at home and thus become independent from the electrical network are on sale. There are also detailed stories about some of these brilliant, and unacknowledged, inventors.

So thanks to the magnetic motor, could we really be independent from the great energy magnates and each have an unlimited source of them at no cost? So if this type of technology has always existed, why isn't it used? Perhaps because the "strong powers" of oil cover up certain inventions for fear of losing the monopoly?





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The history of the heretic

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