A new way to earn : Staking with Botstar

A new way to earn : Staking with Botstar

Sure, there are plenty of ways to earn cryptocurrency through staking. So many exchanges offer staking on POS coins, but Botstar introduces a new way to earn : 

Staking on telegram.


How does that work? Well, Botstar is a telegram tipping bot with over 9000 members. These users tip each other ETH and over 35 different ERC20 tokens (all ERC20 tokens are welcome to be added for free!), and users who don't have a certain about of Miasma (MIA) pay a very small fee (0.1% and lower) on their tips. 




Beginning March 1st, users who have 25000 MIA are able to type /stake with the bot to become a registered staker. 50% of the aforementioned fees will go into a stake pool, and it will be distributed evenly to all stakers at the end of each month. For instance, if there is 10000 MIA and 50000 VYA and so on, and there are 10 stakers, then each staker will receive 1000 MIA and 5000 VYA and so on.


If you use telegram, don't hesitate to check out botstar and ask to get your token listed, or use it in your group to tip eachother! 



Remember, on March 1st if you have the necessary MIA you can stake your tokens! 


This is a unique way to earn payouts in ETH and over 35 ERC20 tokens which would not normally be able to be staked. Come down, support the bot and earn a bit for yourself!


Head programmer of the Miasma cryptocurrency Also write on medium under the name Kayde Smith

The history and public view of cryptocurrencies
The history and public view of cryptocurrencies

In this blog, I examine how the public views cryptocurrencies, and how the situation we are in today came to be.

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