Sportvest (The Crowdfunding Pratiform for Sports Applications)

Sportvest (The Crowdfunding Pratiform for Sports Applications)

Hello there,
Today I would love to share with this beautiful hunt called Sportvest.

This is a Sports Venture Capital (VC) Fund investing in the global sports ecosystem.
It provides investments and funding to sports any startups that may wish to be part of the platform.

This is simply a sports crowdfunding platform that anyone who may wish to support a sport they love, team or any other sports initiative may come.

SportVEST aims to democratize investments in the sports ecosystem, to improve fund performance metrics and to bring liquidity to investments, through its asset-backed security token SVE. SportVEST’s Token-Holders will own a pro-rata percentage of the fund’s portfolio.


By implementing CGS, the funds raised through the sale of SVE Tokens will be held in an escrow smart contract and will be released gradually to SportVEST.

If investors at a any point happen to lose faith in the project, they can submit a claim to the CGS by depositing their SVE Tokens. If this claim receives enough support, a community of arbiters will resolve the dispute between SportVEST and its investors. If they believe the claim is grounded, investors will be able to redeem their SVE Tokens and recover the proportional part of funds left in escrow.

CGS will be activated for SportVEST’s investors as soon as the Token-Sale has finished.


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that is today's hunt.
Batte Billy Jackson.

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Batte Billy Jackson
Batte Billy Jackson

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