NCent Labs A Decentralized protocol for incentive markets

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In to today's hunt I will talk about nCent Labs.
nCent is a decentralized protocol for incentive markets that rewards people for solving hard problems together.
According to
The nCent Labs was started by Stanford, Google, MIT PhD-led.

The have created a freer and fairer decentralized internet where all users directly benefit from the network.
One benefits directly form the effect the make one a network.

To archive this , they are launching new blockchain that has all the tools for building into the protocol.

This will enable the user / programmers to build applications without going into robust coding.

To understand it clearly, this is the this is the new WordPress protocol for the blockchain technology.
To contribute to the project please follow the link below;

That Is what is Have for you today.
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Batte Billy Jackson
Batte Billy Jackson

I loving promoting Blockchain Applications.

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