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May obligation is to hunter for you good products. Ones the you can keep your eyes on and may invest in them if You find the worth.
According to bitcointalk, "EtherSport is an innovative online sports prediction platform."
This platform is based on blockchain technology and Ethereum smart contracts.

It offers an absolutely another prediction experience to the players from all over the world.


WORDS FROM Ethersport Medium

"It is impossible to be a guru in all sports and to learn to analyze all of them at once. We will not tie our players' hands and make them just guess the possible results in a discipline they simply don't follow. Every lottery player should have equal chance to show their analytic capabilities at their best.

That's why EtherSport will include almost 50 leagues to choose from — more than you would have imagined! Play lotteries drawn from sports results in a league you know well and enhance your chances to win a prize.


FIFA, UEFA, COFEDCUP, EPL, MLS, ELO, ELT, FACUP Basketball: NBA, FIBA, NCAA Men’s, EuroLeague Hockey: NHL, KHL, AHL, IIHL Baseball: MLB, NCAA Baseball, World Series of Baseball Football (American): NFL, NCAA Cricket: ICC, CWC, INTC Rugby: NRL, RFL, EPSHIP, TRC, RWC Tennis: ATP, DAVISC, ITF, GST Golf: PGA, ETOUR, RYDRCUP Boxing:

International MMA: UFC, BEL, ACB, M1 Olympics: Winter and Summer Horse Riding: International Motor Sports: NASCAR, FORMULA-1, INDYCAR eSports: Dota, CS:GO, LoL, HotS, HS"


Is this platform like SportsTalkSocial no they are not. this is not a sports blogging platform I is Just a sports prediction platform for all the betters. You can use their tokens to predict on any sport. Hope this idea can be included on SportsTalkSocial.

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Batte Billy Jackson
Batte Billy Jackson

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