Etheal (The new OS of Healthcare)

Etheal (The new OS of Healthcare)

Hello there,
In today's hunt I will talk about Erheal.

What is Etheal?

This is a Blockchain-based global list of health professionals.
This platform helps patients save money on their medical bills. The patient can search and make a booking on the health specialists from any part of the world.

Why one must invest in Etheal?

Etheal is certainly in the right space, as healthcare is about to get disrupted. With the Blockchain technology, Etheal already in the niche segment and figuring out a way for itself in medical tourism and pharmaceutical communication research and advertisement.

The deal about Etheal is the team behind it and vast experience they have. One can check the team’s profile which enhances their trustworthiness. With an innovative idea backed by trustworthy team in a segment which was neglected for so long, Etheal seems like a safe bet for investment.

Etheal is operational in 2 countries and as they scale more and more opportunities will open up, which in turn will help investors to reap in more benefits.

I believe this hunt is to work best in Africa.

Go search and know much about the product.

Official website:
Bitcointalk ANN thread:;u=1227230

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Batte Billy Jackson
Batte Billy Jackson

I loving promoting Blockchain Applications.

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