Wall Street Is Doomed, If You're A New York Banker, Drown Yourself In The Hudson Now

By Liberty John | The Hero You Need | 20 Dec 2022

Wall Street's Best Days Are Long Gone

I think the greatest time Wall Street ever had was the 1990's. That was the last hurrah. Sure, it looked like it boomed 2001-2008, then 2011-2020, but those booms were really fake and mostly due to inflation from massive amounts of fake digital dollars being injected into the banking system.


Some Stocks Will Still Be Winners

If you're good at trading, you can still make plenty of money in the stock market. There will no doubt be some individual stocks that do very very well. However,

The Days Of Dumping Paychecks Into Index Funds and Waiting 30 Years Is Gone For Good

If you are just blindly dropping a portion of each paycheck into an index fund and letting it do it's thing for the next 20-30 years until you retire, you're gonna get REKT!

Let me mansplain:

Boomers Are Retiring

The Boomers, that demographic monstrosity, are largely retired already. They were the ones who most faithfully dropped a chunk of each paycheck into the stock markets their whole working lives to create the massive increases in stock prices we've seen since the 1980's. Elder Gen Xers, same thing. These people are all pulling on that capital now, withdrawing it to fund their retirements. That's going to be a general drag on the markets from here on.

There Just Aren't That Many Millennials And Zoomers

With fewer numbers, the Millennials and Zoomers just won't pile as much money into the markets as the Boomers did. Also, Millennials and Zoomers are having a hell of time just buying a house. They don't have the excess income needed to invest very much. Does this make Wall Street a Ponzi scheme? Yes.

Wall Street

Nobody Trusts New York Bankers Anymore

And I see this as an absolute win! It's sad so many had to suffer so much to get to this place though. Why do people not trust the New York Bankers? Well, since the Boomers and elder Gen Xers faithfully dumped their savings into the stock markets, younger Gen Xers, Millennials, and Zoomers witnessed their parents and grandparents get rugged by New York Bankers more than once. The two biggest rug pulls were the 2000 tech wreck, and of course the Great Recession of 2008. So many had their retirement plans ruined in those crashes, while the New York bankers got bail outs.

Don't Forget Wall Street Bets And GameStop

This event displayed to everyone what a rigged game Wall Street plays. It's a big club, and you ain't in it.

So younger Gen X, Millennials, and Zoomers just don't trust Wall Street. If they ever do get some savings, they are MUCH more likely to invest in Gold, Silver, other commodities, real estate, or crypto currency.

Wall Street is going to die. It's going to die slowly, but I'm going to enjoy watching it whither. Good riddance. No amount of pain those New York bankers suffer will bring justice to my parents who got their retirements ruined by those jerks.

Here's to the rise of commodities and crypto! Here's to the rise of Hive! Here's to the rise of Leo Finance!

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