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Generational Differences In Conservative America

By Liberty John | The Hero You Need | 13 Sep 2022

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Serious Financial Problems Inbound

We all know America has some serious problems. We're seeing dysfunction everywhere. We're suffering from the effects of decades of fiscal insanity. We're headed for MUCH worse financial problems.

I saw a guy post something on Twitter today that really made me think about the differences between the older and younger generations of Conservatives here in the USA. And it drove home the point that the people in power (older generations) are going to fiddle while Rome burns.

Twitter Convo

The Old Timers Are Dangerously Naive

The Boomers, Silent Generation, and even most of my fellow Gen X'ers STILL don't see the horror that is right in front of them. Despite Libs of Tik Tok exposing pedophilic kindergarten teachers daily. Despite innocent people being gulagged after 1/6. Despite watching the police they worship ignore violent arsonists and rioters in the "Summer of Love 2020" while simultaneously arresting pastors for holding church services and mothers for playing with their children in the park.

Despite their savior Donald Trump accomplishing absolutely nothing for them.

The oldsters see Biden calling them dangerous terrorists. They see companies firing people for not getting an experimental genetic treatment for a disease that isn't a danger to 99% of the population. Yet they still argue things like, "It's a republic not a democracy!" and "We the people!"


America's problems are irreconcilable. There is no room for compromise anymore. The othering is in full swing. Just look at Biden's recent speech where he demonized half of the US population on a V for Vendetta style fascist stage. This is truly unprecedented in my lifetime. We're barreling toward a genocide and the younger generations know it.

(Some of) The Kids Are Allright

Some of the Millennials know it anyway. But the generation that gives me real hope are the Zoomers. The Zoomers, those that haven't fallen to transgender ideology at least, are BASED.

We're headed for a genocide in America. I hope I survive. I hope you survive. But it's the Zoomers who are going to rebuild America. A better America. An America where there isn't one single Beatles fan left to spout inanities while the government tramples on the rule of law and basic natural rights.

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