Daily Helium (HNT) Earnings - Day #2

By PassiveWealth | The Helium Network | 4 Feb 2023



My Setup 

Hotspot 1 is a Bobcat 300 with an external 8.0dBi mounted ~10m high. It is unfortunately in a low elevation area with high rocky terrain all around with no other hotspot within close range.

Hotspot 2 is a Nebra indoor Rock Pi hotspot using the stock antenna. It is currently indoors and on the 4th floor of an apartment building with many hotspots nearby. 


I have a 5.8dBi outdoor antenna for hotspot 2, but no good spot to mount it currently. I have a third Nebra hotspot, but it is currently having power issues. Hopefully a replacement Rock Pi would fix it, but I don't have the money to spend on it right now.


The previous on-chain PoC method would have random hotspots chosen to beacon, given a set rate for all total hotspots. That usually equates to a hotspot beaconing once every couple of days on average. With the new off-chain PoC, hotspots beacon more often which equates to more consistent earnings. Now every hotspot beacons once every 6 hours and in the future should become every 1 hour depending on how well the system works. Right now it seems like hotspot 1 seems to be beaconing alright (should be 4 beacons in a day), but not hotspot 2. Hopefully everything works itself out since the new PoC system is a couple of days old.

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The Helium Network
The Helium Network

My journey into helping build the Helium Network by installing hotspots. Daily updates will be given to my progress and earnings

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