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Are You Missing a Business & Life Ingredient?

By vwilliams | The Greatest Investment | 17 Feb 2022

Today, Dimensional Talent Streams has the honor of having Satie Shottha of Hippillow Plus based out of Canada in the studio!

Satie is a self-made entrepreneur and businesswoman, whose business was formed from a personal experience she had and that pulled on some of her other giftings. Satie shares her journey more in detail on this, her journey within her business that has led up to today, as well as the valuable lessons she learned along the way that she is still gleaning from.

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Health in the Midst of Business

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I'm an entrepreneur, Business & Finance Consultant servicing Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and On-line Marketing newbies steps into multiple income stream generation though Discovering, Developing & Monetization.

The Greatest Investment
The Greatest Investment

The greatest investment is investing in yourself. Investing in yourself will never expire, no matter where you are in your business journey. In fact, one of the qualities of a true entrepreneur is being able to invest in yourself & in your business on a consistent basis. But when starting on this journey, this can sometimes be overlooked, and the need may not be easily discovered. For some, this may even be a mindset hurdle that must be overcome.

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