07 - The Great Reset - Future of Money?

By TheScholar | The Great Reset | 17 Oct 2021

Hi guys,

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In this post, I will share my thoughts on the future of money. 

The USD will disappear as a world currency. It will be replaced by the SDR of the IMF , that will be run on the XRPL . XRP will enjoy a good status by then and there might be a buy out by the powers that be. Expect that. 

So, what about cryptocurrencies?  There will be some few cryptocurrencies that will get through and survive this reset. As Brad Garlinghouse of Ripple said publicly in one of his interviews "99% of the cryptocurrencies that exist today will disappear" end quote. He was not joking, and he is an insider.

The cryptocurrency sphere is not the best place to have money in. I don't say that lightly. The volatility and speculation in this sphere is beyond logic. So, is it wise to invest in cryptocurrencies now? Yes sure. Is it a wise decision to invest in cryptocurrencies? Sure not. There is nothing wise about it. Yes, the blockchain is a new technology. Yes, this technology will be the basis of our world after the financial reset. But, it's not meant for 95% of the people to make money or become wealthy within it. So, do you think you will be one of the 5% who will make a killer profit? Good luck if you think so.

My own list of cryptocurrencies that I think more than not will continue to exist after the financial reset are the following:

1. XRP / XLM (brother sister pair, they have different realms to fill)


3. Avalanche

4. Quant


6. VET (I hope)

7. XMR (Oh yeah Baby! I think this will do beyond amazing in the new world)

Yes, the list doesn't have ETH, and I don't think ETH will be surviving this reset. It is slow, it requires energy and it depends on mining whether it is PoW or PoS.

ADA, yeah aaaaaaaaaa maybe, if they pull the impossi-pull lol.

Having said that, I'm open to add more coins to the above list. Yes they are nice to have, but I'm minimizing the list so that I'm sure I only include coins that I've fully researched and I know the real utility of.


Now, my plan is:

Get profits, Get profits, then GET PROFITS. SUPER IMPORTANT. Cryptos that are not CBDCs won't last for long. XRP will be repurchased by banks from current owners. It will become the standard. So, your best bit is to take your profits, and buy gold, silver, and land.

With your profits, buy the following:

1. Silver

2. Gold

3. More Silver

4. More Silver

5. Land


Silver will be the underdog that prove to be the real champion. Go get some NOW. This is not a joke, not an advice, it is an ORDER. And don't worry of you see the price dip a bit more. When silver moves, it will take your heart and life up with it. Silver will go x30-x50 in the normal scenario. This is not a guess. Gold and Silver Gurus talk about it the whole time. They know the production, the demand, and the shortage in the market at the moment. Silver mines are spitting their last breathes of life and silver will become a rare metal. You will be buying the last amounts of silver that are available for the public.


This is it for now.


Good luck and I hope you and your family will stay safe.


More info in the next post.


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The Great Reset
The Great Reset

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