03 - The Great Reset - Ultimate Truth!!!

By TheScholar | The Great Reset | 14 Oct 2021

Hi all,

Today, I give you the plain truth about why the "Great Reset" is deemed a must, and why it will change the world as we know it. So, sit down and buckle up!!! It will be a very hard ride.

The story starts with the origin of monetary system. People used to exchange goods, then weighted gold with fixed exchange to different assets became the medium of exchange, then came the banks and the banking system, where paper money was a real gold certificate that a bank will hold for you but guarantees to pay you back in gold whenever you or the holder of the banknote requested. This went on for sometime, till the "Federal Reserve Bank" was established, with only one goal in mind, "Rip people out of their real hard earned money".

The FED was established in 1913, and shortly after, WW1 happened. The FED funded both sides and gained control over the losers' banking system and gold. Then WW2 happened, and same thing, FED got richer, while funding both sides of the conflict. Not only that, but the emergence of the internet helped steal more of people's moneys in what I believe is the biggest scam ever created. For every 1 ounce of paper gold, 250 people think they own that 1 ounce of physical gold. That's in the primary markets, but it gets worse in the derivatives markets. 1 ounce of physical gold is equivalent to $1800 now, but markets suck $450K of people's money for that single ounce int eh primary markets, and ten times more in the derivatives markets. So basically an ounce of gold that should cost $1800 ends up enriching bankers $4.5 million. Gold is only one asset, so you do the math. With all the money stolen from the people, the bankers got so rich that now, they own most of the gold, precious metals, real-estate, countries, factories, industries, and everything in between.

Now, it is time for the bankers to clean up all slates, wipe all thefts and crimes, and bring in a new era in human history that nobody can steal or take what is not justly theirs. It is time for the "Financial Reset". It is time for the blockchain technology, which is the most elaborate surveillance and control tool ever created. On the blockchain, you are completely naked. Your financials are completely transparent, and you have no financial freedom. They call it decentralized and good, I call it the worst privacy enemy ever developed. Encryption of cryptocurrencies is not about privacy. Only the transaction trust is ecrypted. Your real identity (public key/wallet address) are not encrypted, with the exception of Privacy Coins. Check any transaction on any cryptocurrency, and you will know who owns what. Add "Know Your Customer" KYC to the mix, and you have no privacy on your financials. Add "Tokenization of all Assets" and you have no privacy whatsoever. The future will prove this when they call you to tokenize your gold/silver/home ownership certificate/educational certificates/drivers' license and everything that you'd be owning at that moment in time. Blockchain is so decentralized that it rips your privacy into atomic pieces. There will never be anymore privacy in this world when the Blockchain technology is fully implemented. Privacy will be a thing of the past.

The emergence of Web3.0 will usher in the internet of value, supporting the blockchain back-end. There is no need to worry about hacking or server downtime. There is no need to worry about Jack or Jill spending their own money off the grid. All money will become digitalized on the decentralized nodes that the Blockchain supporters are excited about. There will always be a whole trail that leads back to Jack and Jill's wallets and everybody they interacted with. All their financials will be available for everybody to see. If Jack or Jill send me money or gave me their addresses to send them money, they will know what I have and I will know what they have. Not only that, but every single tweet, every single FB comment, and every single interaction online will be linked to your blockchain ID. That ID could be linked to the IP address you used, and as there are no possibilities to hide transactions on the blockchain, even spoofing your address or using a VPN will be another transaction that will be open for preying eyes. So, every single activity/action/payment/money receipt you have on the internet will be available for the rest of the world to see, and with KYC, you have no privacy.

I recon Monero will go to another galaxy!! lol



The "Financial Reset" is the "Privacy Depriving, Population Control, World Dominance Reset". You will witness it soon, and you will be part of it. The 50 shades of freedom will dissolve and another realm of naked reality will emerge. The Matrix will become the new reality.    



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The Great Reset
The Great Reset

This Blog is about the Great Reset. I dedicate every single awakening moment in my life to the ultimate truth. I will bring that for you in this Blog. Don't expect what you thought were facts to stay the same from now on. Let's start what I believe is going to change your life forever.

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