Mantra DAO joins Fuse, GNC Hiring & Weekly GoodDollar Market Analysis | Good$ News 3-9-21


Hello, Hello, Hello! Ladies, gentlemen and everyone in between, this is your daily dose of GoodDollar News brought to you by me, your host and fellow Basic Income lover Micah Dewey. 

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You know what we haven't looked at in a few days? GoodDollar’s financial data. So let's take a look and see where our favourite UBI token is trending. It is 0200 CST on March 9th 2021 as I do this analysis. 

In the previous 24 hours we have seen the price of GoodDollar drop 7.96% to a price of $0.000226, this was mostly due to a massive dump of 4 Million G$ in the past two hours by a few different wallet addresses. This appears to be an arbitrage play from the GoodReserve contract. It is important to know that there can be money made pretty easily if you spend enough cDai into the GoodReserve to counteract the bridge fees, and with 4 million being sold, I can only assume that was the play, to get both prices tighter together and to make money on behalf of the investor making the play.

We’ve seen total Liquidity reach a total of $13,630 which is down 1.60% in the past 24 hours, along with this small drop in LP, we have seen massive volume numbers for G$, correlating with the big 4m G$ dump. Volume in the past 24 hours is up 30.61% for a total of $1,892 USD. 

Be on the lookout in the next few days for more in depth coverage about GoodDollar pricing and contract structure. I am working on something that should be pretty interesting and informative for every GoodDollar user and supporter. 

Now, let's take a look at how GoodDollar has fared against its closest platform partner Fuse. The last time I did this equation was on February 23, at the time G$/Fuse was trading at 595.61, today G$/Fuse is 837.65, meaning that the gap has widened and not closed in the past couple weeks. This is expected for the most part, especially with the drop in price earlier this morning by G$. Fuse has been receiving more and more positive press and the price of the token continues to rise at a faster rate than that of G$ and is slowly taking complete market control. 

GoodDollar to Stablecoins isn’t looking much better I’m afraid. 

G$/USDc 4572.84
G$/Dai 4810.64
G$/Tether 4474.96
For an average of G$/USD 4619.48 which leaves us a -6.91% since Feb 23.

So now that we know what the market conditions are, we can start to analyse what the price is doing and if GoodDollar is heading in the right direction as far as a tradable asset is concerned. 

So what have we seen in the past week or so? We have seen a slight increase on a very stable curve upwards. We see constant inter-day spikes and troughs but nothing concerning or out of the ordinary as of now. The only movement that was against the curve in the past 10 days or so was the 4m G$ dump this morning. I double checked and these GoodDollars did not come out of LP so we didn't lose liquidity of 4m G $. That would be concerning if that was the case but it wasn't, it appears to just be two massive trades. 

With the price where it is right now, at 0.000225, I would say it's a great time to buy if you are looking to make a midterm play this week. I would be looking for an entry point this week of under 0.000235 and we are currently there. I would also be looking for a price target of around 0.000255-0.000260. There’s an easy several percentage point gain here if you are willing to be a little bit patient. 

One final financial statistic that I am very proud of, is that GNC has reached a $15K USD MarketCap within its first month of existence. Thanks to everyone who has been along for the ride so far, we’re looking to add more people to the community to join us on this epic journey.

We should also briefly chat about Fuse’s stratospheric rise in the past several days. One of the reasons for this has to be the addition of Mantra Dao to the FuseSwap platform but an additional opinion would say that Fuse has been dramatically underpriced until now, and that price is just slowly getting to where we would expect it to be. I personally would be shocked if we don't see Fuse hit 30 cents this week. Also by breaking the $12M market cap Fuse has found itself in CoinMarketCap’s top 800 coins overall now! This is really exciting because we could be looking at the top 500 by the start of summer.  . 

Again this is just my opinion, do your own research and analysis and please don't take my opinion as fact or law! I am just trying to throw my experience and knowledge out there so that either you can learn from my mistakes and my blindspots, or you can identify your own lack of knowledge. This is definitely not meant to be investing advice but more of a conversation around the mechanics of GoodDollar’s market status and price. I hope that is clear. 

There has been some other exciting announcements in the past few days from platform leader Fuse, let’s take a look at one of these stories briefly. 


Let's talk about the addition of Mantra Dao to Fuse and FuseSwap and why it matters. In my personal opinion this was the biggest addition, partner that we have seen since I have been running this show. Why? It's a legitimate top 300 token that has powerful backing and support and has been known to have money flowing out of it. This addition of such a token hopefully opens the floodgate for other major tokens to transition from mainnet to Fuse. 

Here’s the crazy thing. The amount of funding that OM added to FuseSwap by way of liquidity moved the entire FuseSwap market up by about 6% instantly with their injection of over $50,000 USD in USDc and of course Mantra Dao. But that 50k is just a little over 1.5% of all liquidity in OM on mainnet. Meaning if they or another similar token comes to join Fuse, we could see these kinds of boosts often. 

Mantra Dao also didn't just come and hop onto the platform quietly, no no no. They immediately announced a rewards pool on fuseswap for staking USDc/OM. The current APY on the rewards program is 182% as I write this. The program is set to last 30 days and we are currently heading into day 4. So don't miss out on easy rewards.

I might do a short video later showing exactly how to add OM/USDc and start earning massive amounts of Fuse. Let me know down below if you would like to see that tutorial and explanation video. 


Today’s GNC talk is going to be pretty brief. Nothing too major to announce other than we hit $15k in total market cap on FuseSwap this morning and that is super exciting. We still have a long long way to go so I’m trying not to get too hyped. We are currently running a mini-rewards program in our Telegram chat. Once we hit $1,000 USD in liquidity on FuseSwap we will be launching our first social media marketing campaign with as well as giving away large amounts of GNC.

If you want to get in on this at the ground level come by our Telegram group chat. We are always looking for new people to get involved in the program. I am also going to reiterate from the last video that we are still looking for a partially paid-partially volunteer programmer or coder to join our official project launch team. We are paying in GNC equity but as time moves forward, we hope to be able to add more substantial value as salary, likely in the form of ethereum or stablecoins. 

Alright folks, thank you for watching or listening. Be sure to smash that like button and subscribe to the channel. Don't forget to come back again for another episode of the Good$ News Podcast!


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Good$ News Podcast is a daily Breaking News and Financial podcast related to the cryptocurrency GoodDollar based on the Fuse Blockchain. These episodes are designed to be a bite-sized analysis of GoodDollar’s daily financial statistics and any other GoodDollar related News or Rumors.

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