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Should we invest in Helium?

By Chupitorras | The Golden Boy | 30 Jan 2022


First of all to know whether to invest in Helium or any other asset is to know what we are talking about. In this case Helium is a company that distributes small devices that use your internet connection to work as 5G antennas. The company pays you based on several factors.


Recently the slogan "the internet of things" became fashionable. This slogan is the polite way of referring to the 5G network. Today there are already "smart" devices that connect to this network. From scooters to coffee machines. They need a nearby antenna to be able to receive and broadcast signal, however, the 5G network is not yet fully implemented so there is little or no functionality in this regard in some parts of the world.


That is why to make up for this lack of antennas a company, in this case, Helium, has created small devices similar in appearance and size to a router or a tdt with very low power consumption and very quiet. Some compare it to cryptocurrency mining. And indeed it is very similar since it pays us in tokens from the same company but with a big difference.


The main reason to put one of these devices is the high profitability they offer, how convenient they are and the relatively low return on investment (depending on which cases). These devices that only need to be plugged to the electric current and the internet line consume a very low maintenance cost (that is a very positive point why I myself considered investing in them) and relatively high profits compared to that maintenance cost. But we must know that not all these devices are going to provide us with the same income. For this we must look at several factors:


The first thing to consider when buying these devices is the model. The higher the price, the greater the capacity to manage the 5g network and consequently the greater the benefits.


The second thing is that depending on the area in which we put our mini antenna this will have more or less use in the network. For example, if you have a car rental business that uses this technology close to your home you will be generating much more benefits than if you are in a cave 50 meters underground where there is nothing around you.


In addition to this we must have in mind that if we are in a very central city and many other people have thought the same as you that network load will be distributed among the Helium devices around thus decreasing (by having to share the workload) the benefits generated by your device.


Keeping all this in mind I would choose to invest in this market. The basic model costs $429 and the rest usually range from $500 to $1,500. The problem with buying directly from the distributor is that there is such a demand for these devices and such a shortage of components that orders can sometimes be delayed up to 6 months. That is why there is a second hand market in which basic models of 429 dollars are worth 1,500 or 2,000 euros.


Screen capture form the official site, just deleting no relevant info.


This new type of "mining" is attracting many investors and it is expected that the token with which you are paid for "mining" (Helium HNT) will increase in value. Currently, as of January 30, 2022, it is priced at $27.65 dollars. And it has a good upward projection since it was released in mid-2020.


HNT price from Coinmarketcap


So much for the explanation of Helium. Everything seems to indicate that it is a great investment for the short, medium and long term. However, in all the company's marketing, a couple of things have been left unmentioned:


The 5g network has already been rejected and banned in several countries where these antennas are already being dismantled because of the damage they cause to health and the environment. In fact, this is so true that there are videos on the internet showing how these antennas burn themselves out or are attacked by birds. Also pictures of trees and plants being killed by this radiation.


In addition, there are many other countries that have started legal actions to stop this type of technology because the bandwidth through which it transits in hertz is the same as that of our brainwaves and they do it at an extremely high power. That is why staying close to one of these antennas that is operational causes severe headaches at best. In fact, hundreds or thousands of reports by health and technology specialists have been prepared for these legal processes and some of them even dare to state that the functionality of 5g is more similar to a weapon than to a telecommunications antenna.


Therefore, from an economic point of view, investing in HNT token mining through Helium devices can be very profitable in the long term or it can be a total failure if the use of this network is banned globally. We know that the legal processes are very long and we can be talking minimum of more than 5 years in some cases. However, this is not the reason why I do not invest in this kind of "mining".


How am I going to sell my health for money? How am I going to put an antenna that transmits 5g waves in my own house when it is not even healthy to have it in the same neighborhood where you live? And I am not talking about conspiracy theories when there are expert reports that amply demonstrate that they are harmful to health and the environment.


In conclusion, it is a great project that we do not know how long it will last (we have between 5g being cancelled or 6 or 7g arriving). The Roi (Return on Investment) seems to be quite succulent, but we have the counterpart of deeply damaging our health and that of our family. I in my case have decided not to invest, but this is simply a personal decision and I don't want to influence anyone with it. I just want to lay a foundation for people to inform themselves if they wish to do so.



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