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Daily bits of new technologies, computer science concepts and crypto-currency concepts.

Full Stack Developer's Tool Kit

28 Dec 2022 1 minute read 0 comments The Glitcher

What is a full stack mean? Basically, a web application has 2 components. Frontend(What is visible to users) and backend(Hidden to users). Backend has both the logic and database to store information.  Full stack development means end to end develop...

Creating an Loot Royale NFT Collection DApp

20 Feb 2022 9 minute read 1 comment The Glitcher

  Loot Royale DApp Introduction In this series of blogs, I am going to show how to create an on chain and off chain NFT collection smart contract and create a DApp to mint NFTs. I am also going to show how to create your own DApp which I designed fo...

Trie Data Structure and implementation to insert,search, count, delete words from trie

14 Jan 2022 1 minute read 0 comments The Glitcher

Trie is a tree data structure which is used widely in google autocomplete, spell checker and prefix matching for ip routing in IP tables.  It is also a very efficient data structure compared to hashtable in terms of storing and searching the strings...

Earning Crypto rewards and privacy with Presearch search engine for searches: An alternative to google

10 Oct 2021 1 minute read 1 comment The Glitcher

What is Presearch? Presearch is a decentralized search engine built using blockchain technology which is in contrast to existing search engines which are centralized.    What makes Presearch unique and eye-catching? There are hundreds of search eng...

Monsters Clan NFT Gaming and NFT Giveaway

10 Sep 2021 1 minute read 0 comments The Glitcher

What is Monsters Clan Game? Monsters Clan is a virtual beasts game dependent on Blockchain imitating a way of life of Monsters in their own World. Each player will be ready to claim, gather, produce, and play their beasts in a thrilling gaming climat...

CAP Theorem Explained

1 Sep 2021 3 minute read 0 comments The Glitcher

CAP theorem is a fundamental theorem in distributed systems.  It states that a distributed data store or any distributed system with a state can have at most two of the following three properties.  Consistency Availability Partition Tolerance Woah...

How To Create Your Own Cryptocurrency on Binance Smart Chain

17 Aug 2021 7 minute read 2 comments The Glitcher

      A cryptocurrency is basically a form of digital cash or a digital currency. A currency acts as a medium of exchange and a digital currency is a digital medium of exchange. Cryptocurrencies are a digital medium of exchange.   Cryptocurrency Tok...

Understanding creation and definition of seed phrase, private key and public key in blockchain crypto wallets

13 Aug 2021 4 minute read 0 comments The Glitcher

It is only repetitive to say how important it is to understand the seed phrase also called as recovery phrase or secret recovery phrase or back up phrase , private key and public key.  Whenever you create a crypto wallet, you might have warned to ke...

What is xDai network and How to connect xDai Network to Metamask?

11 Aug 2021 2 minute read 0 comments The Glitcher

xDai is a USD stable blockchain and an ethereum based side chain. The Proof of concept used in xDai blockchain is Proof of staked authority. Since it is a ethereum based side chain and EVM(Ethereum virtual machine) compatible , all smart contracts t...

Hackers stole $611 million from Cross Chain protocol Poly Network

10 Aug 2021 2 minute read 2 comments The Glitcher

  What is Poly Network? Poly Network was built for interoperability between multiple blockchains to build the next generation Infrastructure. So, public blockchains connect to poly network and communicate with other blockchains. Poly Network has alr...