The end of Bega River: Tathra, AUSTRALIA



Today, we move to the north of Tathra town, just across the bridge to the Ray Whyman Reserve. Just a quick drive across the bridge over the Bega River, we find ourselves in a nice little secluded area where the river feeds out into the ocean. A place that is flat and protected from the ocean waves, a perfect spot for the little ones who might be a touch scared by the large swells just beyond the river mouth.

It is an interesting place for many young families... the ones with small kids. Also, an interesting place for jumping off the bridge and for doing some shallow water fishing as well.

Oddly enough, there are a few teepee-like structures made of branches scattered on the beach. Someone has taken a little bit of time to gather these branches and stack the up in this formation. On second thoughts, I do wonder if they were supposed to be a sort of shelter... or the beginnings of a slightly larger than normal bonfire!




Looking behind us (we had crossed over the Bega river on the bridge to be on the other side of the river compared to Tathra... phew, that sounded a little bit more convoluted than it was supposed to have sounded... and it isn't really getting that much better.

Anyway... distracted... looking out behind us, we have the Ray Whyman Reserve... a sort of little green area that has a geocaching location for those who are interested in that sort of thing. There is also one very lucky person who seems to have found that their house is seated just at the bottom of the green slopes and just before the water.. I do wonder what it would be like to be living there!




As you can see, the water is incredibly flat in this area. Just off in the distance, you can see where the river mouth forms and it flows into the sea. From there you have the proper salt water and the swells and waves that are better associated with that. However, in this little delta area, it is completely flat and very shallow. In fact, a decently sized person could probably walk most of the way across the mouth.




... and over to the other side, you might not be able to see it, but there are people fishing on the opposite bank. The cars crossing the bridge, and the occasional brave soul who has wandered to the middle of the bridge to spring out and into the slightly deeper water there... although, I would still hesitate to do that... the shifting sand banks, means that it is still quite possible to misjudge the depth of the actual water! Plus, the actual road causeway isn't really that wide... so you have some pretty fast moving cars nearby to contend with!

So, that is the end of my little tour of the NSW coast town of Tathra... very nice beaches for those who are into that... and a little river outlet for those who prefer to have a bit more shallow water and less of the choppy waves! For us, it really depends... sometimes it is a preference for one and other times the kids prefer the crazy fun of being dumped by waves.... personally, I will always prefer walking along the rocks and the trees... but in this family... I'm outvoted! Not that they don't like the other stuff... but they are crazy about the ocean water!

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The Glamorous Life of a Musician!

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