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Future Humanity

A collection of writings, articles, and papers consisting of topics including science, technology, philosophy, economics, and more.

Revisiting the Mainstream Climate Narrative: Where Our Future Really Leads

31 Oct 2021 14 minute read 5 comments zacharias

26 October 2021:  At this point, nearly everyone on Earth should be familiar with the current suggestions of mainstream climate science and the direction it says we are heading. In previous publishings of mine, I wrote about precisely what it would t...

Human History Needs a Complete Overhaul: Here's Why

30 Sep 2021 9 minute read 5 comments zacharias

27 September 2021:  Academia has long suggested and settled on the premise that the origins of human civlization arose in the Old Kingdom of Egypt some 5,000 years ago.  This is what most everyone in the modern age has been taught about the origins o...

Changes in Earth's Geomagnetism May Indicate We're in a Magnetic Excursion

18 Sep 2021 7 minute read 6 comments zacharias

18 September 2021:  An ongoing major planetary shift that has been outside the public spotlight is the accelerating weakening of Earth's magnetic field along with a measured acceleration in the Earth's magnetic pole movement.  While completely outsid...

Why the Future on Our Planet Could be Dramatically Colder, Not Hotter

15 Sep 2021 5 minute read 14 comments zacharias

15 September 2021:  While evidence mounts of potential uncertainties and flaws within modern climate models, arguably the largest controversy is found within future temperatures themselves on Earth. This is have everything to do with ocean circulatio...

The Observable Phenomena of Recurrent Novae and How Our Sun has a Dark Secret

10 Sep 2021 6 minute read 0 comments zacharias

10 September 2021:  With a deep inquiry into the elements of global climate change, a major piece of the complex puzzle that was missing from the mainstream literature was the corresponding effects that the sun has on the Earth.  Through more in-dept...

Advancing Humanity: The Decentralization & Localization of Key Infrastructure | Paper 4

1 Sep 2021 21 minute read 3 comments zacharias

1 September 2021:  In the previous releases of Advancing Humanity, Papers 1-3 covered precisely the shortcomings with current human civilization and dangers in which we face because of those shortcomings.  With those points established, we can shift...

Advancing Humanity: Buying Our Civilization Time With Mass Bitcoin Adoption | Paper 3

30 Aug 2021 10 minute read 0 comments zacharias

30 August 2021:  In Paper 2 of Advancing Humanity, we outlined the issues with anthropocentrism, demonstrated the dangers of ecological overshoot, and showed how human civilizations & overall human progress (both short and long term) mirror that of a...

Advancing Humanity: The Implications of Cyclical Civilizations & Mitigating Societal Regression | Paper 2

29 Aug 2021 9 minute read 2 comments zacharias

29 August 2021:  In the previous installment of Advancing Humanity, we discussed how complications within our understanding of reality have led to the continuous rise & fall of civilizations under anthropocentric, centralized governing bodies, and wh...

Advancing Humanity: Why Decentralization is Key | Paper 1

25 Aug 2021 7 minute read 1 comment zacharias

25 August 2021:  Introducing Advancing Humanity, a weekly running paper under Future Humanity that will cover everything relating to challenges our civilization faces today and how to address those challenges.  This week will examine the true nature...

Utilizing Bitcoin & Ampleforth Within a Novel Economic Model

12 Aug 2021 5 minute read 14 comments zacharias

12 August 2021:  With the highlights of the recent IPCC climate assessment report, it has become obvious that continual, expansive growth is not currently sustainable for the human population.  Although the debate on in which way the world should de-...