Why this week is an entry for new btc ath levels ?

By litnworld | crypto market blog | 26 Oct 2021

Bitcoin's ath was 67k $ which wasn't surprising for no one from the crypto world since our expectations are for 100K $ and more, seeing the fall bitcoin from ath  i would say that it's recovering  pretty damn fast and other top crypto's are following as well.The reason that this week is  a preperation  for new ath's its' because as u can see the picture from the analysis bitcoin it's been going uptrend from 24 octorber-59498$ to 26 october-62000$ . I believe that bitcoin it's going to 64k than it's goin it's going to stay up there for a while then go to new all time highs, that's why i belive that we are going for a new all time high.

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crypto market blog
crypto market blog

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