Why Eth 2.0 is going to push etherium to 20k ?

By litnworld | crypto market blog | 23 Oct 2021

One of the issues that etherium had were expensive fees, no one wanted and doesn't want to do daily transactions and pay 30$ as a fee , but this problem i'ts going to get solved really soon and when that happends it's going to increase daily transactions and it's one step closer to being used  on the real world as payment.
Second update that it's going to be it's that Etherium is switching  from mining to staking , and i know that this part miners hate it so much because of the profits that they have made over the past years,but is this going to be a big yes from investors to put more money on the table?
Yes, because there is going to be a more controlled amount that etherium wants to keep on the market , as  etherium was burning milions and milions worth of coins to increase value and on the other hand miners were creating coins and making money.This update  brings projects and removes flaws and  i am sure that it's going prolong the bearish trend for many more months.

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crypto market blog
crypto market blog

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