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how to earn passive pass income in crypto?

By litnworld | crypto market blog | 30 Oct 2021

crypto games are becoming more popular day by day, but what is a game that caught my eye that i think is worth it to play and get some profits from that game?
It's called  rollercoin and it is one of the best games ever.


You’ll play as though you were really mining: every ten minutes a bitcoin block is allocated and all active players get a chunk of it. How big your cut is, depends on your mining power. You can enjoy a good reward for all your time and effort.

Build your mining facility

Want to increase your influence? Play mini-games, complete different tasks and carry out missions to level up and gain more mining power. Upgrade your data center far enough and you’ll become a super miner – one of the big dogs.

it is mining simulator but profits are real  but u don't have to play all day and the mining goes even after u close the game so if u would like to earn 5% more

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crypto market blog
crypto market blog

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