Highlighting The Best Of My 2021 Before Welcoming 2022

By bmjc98 | Random Stuff & More | 2 Jan 2022

I can't believe we are about to say goodbye to 2021 in just a few hours from now. It seems like we just started in 2021 recently and now, here we are, highlighting our best memories and achievements for this year before looking forward to 2022. So before I welcome 2022, let me highlight the best of my 2021 first as I have quite a lot to reminisce about. I don't know where to begin with, but I guess I'll start with my journey as this is my first love.

You can also read my last year's article "The Highlights Of My 2020".


I joined for the love of blogging, but I didn't expect that this platform will open up more opportunities for me. From being a frustrated blogger to a certified HODLer to a small-time investor, has showered me more blessings this year.

Me as a writer

I don't know how or why but many have told me that they are inspired by how hard I work on this platform. Back then, I just thought my writings are just pure nonsense and that no one would appreciate them for real. Well, I guess I'm the wrong coz I even reached 961 subscribers already.

On top of that, I was noticed by Sir MarcDeMesel several times. Phew! This is also the best highlight of my 2021 because who would have thought that a MarcDeMesel would appreciate my work and upvoted 8 of my articles with a total of  $1,370 in BCH. Amazing, right?!

You can read the details here if you want: Another Blessing ($500 In BCH) From Sir MarcDeMesel

I know the majority of us have always dreamed to be noticed by him. Even with just a comment from him already feels like you won a lottery. How much more if he would upvote your article with a huge, huge amount. I mean that's the kind of surprise we all dreamed about, right?

Thanks to him, my dream of holding 1BCH has given me so much more Huge thanks as well to all my avid readers for all the support, and I apologize big time if I can't give back the support you expect me to be. I can't just now but hopefully, soon.

My BCH Journey

After being inspired by some of the best Filipino writers here, I decided to level up and instead of just focusing on what topics to write next, I made up my mind to learn the power of HODL.

I remembered back then of having just $100+ by the end of 2020. That was the time when I started to aim 1BCH for 2021. I thought 1BCH would take me an entire 365 days to achieve and gosh, upon checking my portfolio now, I have more than 10x already.


  • 1BCH - February 5, 2021

  • 2BCH - April 3, 2021

  • 3BCH - June (unfortunately, I forgot to write about it and am not sure when it was achieved exactly)

  • 4BCH - July 23, 2021

  • 5BCH - August 16, 2021

  • 6BCH - September 14, 2021

  • 8BCH - October 6, 2021

  • 10BCH - November 29, 2021

I got tired of checking my portfolio, but I know it's more than 11BCH now. I'll just update this one when I'm in the mood to check everything.

Club1BCH "The Originals"

One of my favorites in 2021 is becoming a member of this coolest club in the cryptoverse. Thanks to Club1BCH, especially the people behind it, I got inspired and motivated to try new things instead of just focusing on writing and holding my BCH. I have learned a lot from them that helped me increase my knowledge in crypto and grow my portfolio more than I could ever imagine. From being just a member, I got promoted as a core member, then become the club's official treasurer, and recently, the site dev as well.

Would you like to know what other things that I like the most about this club? It's not the title of being a Club1BCH member, but it's actually the friendship that I have with these awesome and smart people here. Seriously, they are very approachable and willing to share their knowledge about crypto and other stuff. And when you're feeling down, there's always someone from the club who'd check on you just to see how you're doing.

I love this family, and I am so honored to be one of the so-called The Originals. Huge thanks, most especially to @PVMihalache, for being such a great leader to all of us and above all, for the friendship and trust. PVM is actually one of the best people I met this year.

Fundraising campaign

Recently, I did a fundraising campaign to aid my fellow AxieBCH scholars who were affected by typhoon Odette. It was devastating as it happened days before Christmas and some of them have totally lost their houses. As someone who is known for my Charity Box on, I know that I have a chance to accumulate enough BCH for the campaign. But what I didn't expect is that I received a huge amount from the community. While some people upvoted my article several times; others chose to remain anonymous and donated directly to our wallet. I also received several tokens in our smartBCH wallet that I later converted to BCH. Overall, I got to send $53 each to 18 affected scholars and another $13 to a newly accepted scholar.

This platform is the best social media anyone could ever ask for. Less drama, more fun. Plus, you could earn BCH by having fun, making friends, and just being yourself. Just like read, I also have some great memories from this platform but the best of all is my personal charity called The BCH Charity Box.

This is probably the best highlight in my journey. I didn't expect I could really start a charity campaign that aimed to help those who need financial help. With the support from different users on both read and noise, I was able to help 12 beneficiaries with a total of $177.61 in BCH.


Aside from earning on read and noise, I am also blessed to be a part of this awesome AxieBCH family. Not only that I got to earn extra BCH by just playing a game, but I also got to meet new friends. Plus, I got the privilege to enjoy the perks of being a scholar like getting free merch and GAME token from Gramps.


Never thought I would learn this stuff because when it comes to crypto, I'm totally dumb as fnck. But thanks to the support of my club fam, I was able to understand things without torturing my little brain. Now, I am enjoying every bit of it while adding extra earnings to my wallet.


I also received a huge blessing on Twitter from Jessica Martinez with 2BCH ($1142.03). That was pretty unexpected because I only asked for a little amount for Club1BCH activities, but she gave me 2BCH instead. Aside from this, I won several NFTs on different giveaways on Twitter too. In fact, I sold one NFT for $131 from one of the packs I received from random giveaways.

Real-life achievements

My tiny house

I don't have much to highlight here except that I finally got to start building my dream. If God permits, I might be living in my own house in the near future. Hopefully, before the summer ends.

Work under super less pressure

I used to complain about my online job but not anymore coz @charmingcherry08 has been assisting me with my task for quite some time now. I am super blessed to have her as I don't have to work long hours to complete my weekly obligation.


Thank you 2021...

...for all the blessings you have for me this year. I never knew I could reach any of those, but you have made me realize that anything is possible if you just believe in yourself and you push yourself to the limit; that hard work can actually beat talent or skills. Now, I am so ready for 2022, and whatever is coming, I will try my very best to give my all and hopefully, beat 2021 as well.

To all who have been with me since 2020, stayed with me in 2021, and will still follow me in 2022, THANK YOU SO MUCH for making my crypto journey a meaningful one. Together, we will make our 2022 crypto journey a more productive one than 2021. Cheers for more and Happy New Year!

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