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By bmjc98 | Random Stuff & More | 17 Aug 2021

Before I share with you some of the plagiarism checkers I personally use, allow me to explain a few important things about plagiarism.


What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is when taking someone else's ideas or work with or without the right full owner's consent or acknowledgment and using them as their own. Plagiarism can be done recklessly, intentionally, or unintentionally.

The importance of checking your article for plagiarism

As a writer, we must practice checking our work for possible plagiarism issue. Even if the article you publish is all written by yourself, there is no guarantee that your work is 100% original.

Here is a list of the importance of checking your articles for plagiarism:

  • Avoid having copied content or ideas from other works published online

  • Helps you avoid mistakes when it comes to paraphrasing

  • Ensures your work is 100% original

  • Ensures that your article does not contain any stolen thoughts or ideas from other authors

Consequences of plagiarism

According to, there are 6 consequences of plagiarism:

  • It can destroy student reputation

Students who are found guilty on this matter may get suspended or expelled.

  • It can destroy the professional reputation

Professionals who are found guilty will have a hard time regaining other people's trust. Moreover, they will likely be suspended, fired, or asked to step down on their current position.

  • It can destroy the academic reputation

It can lose the ability to publish most likely any academic content and destroy a reputation.

  • Legal repercussions

This one can be quite serious. Anyone found guilty can be sued by the author, deemed as a criminal offense, or possibly leading to a prison sentence.

  • Monetary repercussions

Offending plagiarists who are found guilty would have to pay monetary penalties to the full-right owner.

  • Plagiarized research

This kind of plagiarism is particularly heinous as plagiarized research could affect people's lives, or worse, lose many lives.

How to avoid such issues

You can, however, avoid any of these problems by using a certain plagiarism checker. There are several free software to use that will save you from such troubles.

Personally, I don't rely on one checker alone because some of it won't do thorough research when it comes to detecting possible duplicates. As a content writer, I usually use 3 or more checkers to ensure that my work is 100% plagiarism-free.


As I've said earlier, I'm going to share with you my top favorite plagiarism checkers that you should use:

I love this one because aside from checking my work for possible plagiarism issues, it also fixes my other writing issues instantly.

It accurately detects copyright content from either assignments or documents for free.

This free online tool by SmallSEOTools checks for plagiarism with quick and accurate results.

Here's another completely free tool to check your articles for plagiarism. Just copy and paste and the tool will detect duplicate content.

Plagiarism Checker Test

As I've said earlier, some plagiarism checkers aren't that accurate so let's try each and see how they perform.

For this test run, I'm going to use this article as I have not published it yet and see if this one is 100% original or not. If found plagiarized, then rest assured that I will revise it to make it 100% plagiarism-free.

  • Plagiarism Checker - Grammarly


  • Plagiarism Detector


  • Online Plagiarism Detector


  • DupliChecker


Best choice

My best pick would be Grammarly.

Out of four plagiarism checkers, only Grammarly has found several sentences that were detected plagiarized. The rest only found 1-2 lines.

The only problem with Grammarly is you can't easily spot on, which lines are plagiarized. This means you have to check on it manually or per paragraph to fix the plagiarized line.

That's why I always use another checker. And these 3 are much easier to use because they will highlight the lines that are detected as plagiarized. However, since I don't want to use all four of them, I'd settle for DupliChecker as my backup plagiarism checker.


Final thoughts

Honestly, I don't check my articles for plagiarism not unless if it's work-related. It's not that I'm lazy, but I just don't find it necessary since everything I published here is all written by me.

However, since the plagiarism issues are getting serious here, and I don't want people to just conclude that I'm a plagiarist or a cheater, I will make it a habit to check my work before publishing and include a screenshot as well.

So to all my fellow writers here, let's practice checking our articles using a plagiarism checker before hitting that publish button.

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