My passive income portfolio

My passive income portfolio

The birth of my daughter was a swift kick to my reality. Although I knew that life was never going to be the same with every passing month of my wife’s growing belly. Holding my tiny daughter in my arms in the delivery room was a physical proof that I had to change. It was a amazing experience that brought me great joy but I would lie to claim that I felt great calm and confidence in my ability to provide. 

I needed financial education and literacy something that I severely lacked. For decades I prided myself in my rebel casual attitude. Dreadlocks and devil may care demeanor. But that I realized does not provide any security. And my tiny daughter in my arms deserves that, stability a lighthouse to show what I consider to be a good man.


Desperation and curiosity as well as adventurous spirit lead me to read up or YouTube financial channels and books. I gravitated naturally towards cryptocurrency and it’s promise. Here is a chance to be on the ground floor of something new. Volatile yes but I like the high upside and at the time of writing this my losses will not be that horrible if everything will go down the drain. 

Mad I read up I decided to use the tactics of the old financial systems with new channels. 

I started with bitcoin as a store of value and build small but steadily around it with passive income and dividend crypto’s.

Here is my portfolio both in crypto and in regular stocks. 

Contrary to what many personal al finance bloggers advice I am heavily into crypto although I have some regular stocks and funds. But my portfolio have about a 70-30 % split into crypto that I will gradually move into more balance. 

The gains from my crypto assets are fluctuating depending on the coins value but I tried to calculate the $ dollar amount. I plan to gather the gains from every month passively into stable coins to hold the value. 


I use De-Fi apps like Compound, MakerDao and coins like Neo and Ontology to gain income. My goal is to one day have my own masternode.

My monthly gain for the month of July will be at the end of the month about $14.69. That I will either reinvest or move to a stable coin on either Nexo or Compound.


The apps I use are 

Compound ( Dai, USDC)


Celsius (BTC, BTG, LTC, TUSD)


Nexo  (Dai, TUSD)


O3 wallet (Neo, ONT)


Cobo ( Zcoin, IOST, LBTC, PIVX)


Thanks for reading guys, I hope to inspire and bring people along on my journey.


Swedish African personal trainer, Dad and husband (not in that order). But looking to share, explore and blog about my lifestyle and living.

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