My Passive Crypto Income Journey

I set out with a clear goal for the 2020’s. Not to give to much away but it involved a sum that I wanted to get by the end of this decade.
I spent my childhood and youth bouncing between upper middle class to poverty. All due to if my dad got a contract for foreign work or not. Although I grew up in the safety net of Swedish society, I felt the poor periods.


My young adulthood led me from university athletics and work to spending my late 20’s and most of my 30’s as a homeless addict.

I want to spend my 40’s clean, happy and wealthy. But I always felt behind the ball in finance and I was broken down when people where getting build up careers. But thanks to crypto it’s never to late, we are so early. It’s a new beginning. One where the people bring the product to Wall Street. Where the market dictates to the market makers. It’s like the new internet, when tech guys dictated what commerce would be like. It’s so exciting. And I want in, so I have a goal of making the right moves and putting my eggs in a basket. This is not financial advice just my plan. To eventually make 10 k, then 50 k and beyond through investing in staking and defi.

I picked out my list of platforms and staking coins.

I will in debt go into them in future but here they are briefly.
I will keep on and ad to the list as I see fit and need.


1. Nexo
- A CeFi( Centralized Finance) institute and a Crypto finance bank I been using. I have their debit and rewards card and I really like their top notch interest on many cryptos. I do recommend them for passive income and I am a big fan of their token Nexo that has blown up.


2. Matic/ Polygon
- I really believe in this coin since the beginning, and now during this cycle we are getting to see it’s utility and use case. Eli hating the pressure on Ethereum and coming into its own. The rebranding could not have been done at better time. I stake Matic/Polygon on Celsius app. Download it in the App Store.


3. Cosmos
- There are several ways to stake Atom from Cosmos. I use Trust wallet and Atomic wallet. Although to be honest Atomic wallet have been little choppy on Atom as far as the rewards. But they always come through in end.
I believe in Cosmos as a bridge and it’s use case. It has also appreciated lightly during this Alt. Season and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

There you guys go. Those are my three staking or passive income picks to start this journey out. So far I am making about $90/ month passively. To be expanded and one day will trough grit, determination and consistent investing, grow into my dreams.

What you guys think? Let me know.
Take care and keep on striving, working and dreaming.


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