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FARSITE - How to Get a Free Spaceship from the New Blockchain Game That Already Looks Like a Winner

By PopPopPrego | The Fascination | 27 Apr 2021

The theme of colonization has dominated most of the breakout blockchain games recently. There is the colossus AlienWorlds, but also new launches of Colonize Mars, Sphere, and several others. It is a concept that seems perfectly suited to blockchain because at its core it is about laying stake to some new territory and calling it your own.

Wouldn't you feel pretty happy if you owned land in AlienWorlds, or a landmark property in Upland? 

Unless you want to part with thousands of dollars or several whole-number ETH, your best hope is to catch the next big game before it takes off. 

There is a new contender on the horizon that has the look and feel of an exciting possibility. It is in the early, early launch phase, but to my eyes it offers a substantially improved set of qualities to gamers. Yes, there will be land to own. Yes, there will be boxes to open and materials to acquire. Yes, there will be an element of luck on whether and how much you strike it rich. And Yes, you get to combine different items to create something that is worth even more. But, there also will be a whole fleet of ships and supporting machinery to gain and deploy. You actually get to DO SOMETHING in this game! Take that, pre-Thunderdome AlienWorlds!

And I have to say that the art looks fantastic!

The game I am talking about Farsite of course!!

evocative imagery from Farsite

I first heard about this game last night and already I am seeing lots and lots of posts and chatter about Farsite. Maybe we're all still giddy from AlienWorlds, or maybe we're all a bit impatient wondering what is next for R-Planet. Or maybe this game will be something special!

I feel pretty optimistic that this could be a special game and I am pretty stoked to be in near the tender beginnings.

In their own words:

"Farsite is a blockchain-powered sandbox MMO RTS game with elements of adventure in a sci-fi setting past on a post-apocalyptic story"

It only gets more interesting from there!

Players own everything in the game, including the economy. All of the assets are discovered or created by players using NFTs such as Blueprints, Components, a Base on a Planet, and some Credits. We will be exploring asteroids in our Spaceships (also NFTs) to find those Components, and when we create an asset it is ours!

This approach would solve some of the annoying things about some of the existing games. For example, having players discover, craft, create, and own all the key assets avoids the weird economic booms and busts of games where the developers seed games with valued assets (hi Upland, umm, we're cool, right?). The game will be based on the ETH blockchain, so if they find a sidechain solution to the gas problem, the assets you own and the future in-game currency should have clear value from day 1. 

There is also something about the aquatic graphics and the fact that you need to find Blueprints and Components in order to craft new assets that reminds me of the beautiful game SubNautica. I think it could actually be enjoyable to play, and that the play will be, well, you know... PLAY! (heh heh of course I wasn't talking about you AlienWorlds ol' buddy!)

We are in the early days with Farsite, but there is an opportunity to get in right now and start accumulating assets that will be yours forever!

I tried looking at the sign up offers for a blank address and also through the referral link I intended to use. Only on the referral link was I offered the chance to earn a basic spaceship for FREE right out of the gates. I can't be certain that I wouldn't have been able to get that spaceship without the referral link, but I can vouch that I earned my free spaceship by using someone else's referral

So, you can do the same by signing up with my referral link ( After entering just an email and password, you can start to complete some very easy communication tasks (like verifying your email or following on Twitter, YouTube etc.) and earn your first Spaceship! Other tasks that earn you even greater amounts of the launch credit include posting to Twitter, commenting on the pretty amusing YouTube trailer, and so on. And, of course, spreading the word to sign up your own friends and followers, which you are incentivized to do by gaining the chance to earn additional assets as a referrer. 

At least check it out and see what you think. Poke at the page, check out the art, watch the YouTube trailer if you are on the fence. The cost is super low to you, and the possibilities are super high. There could be huge potential with Farsite, as this is a much more mature and dynamic proposition than AlienWorlds, and we all know how that game exploded to amply reward players!

Please take a look and if you sign up, please use my referral link. I compared signing up with and without referral links, and as far as I can tell, using a referral link makes it easier to start earning your Spaceship (or more!) right away. So, once again, here is my link:

I mean, come on! Just look at my randomly generated user name. Gross Salmon Cougar! Grrrrrowwwl! Who wouldn't want to prowl space with a Gross Salmon Cougar? haha

I can not promise that this game will turn into anything, but all the early signs are very intriguing and very encouraging. It could be big.



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