Set Medics. I Thought I Could Walk A Day In Their Shoes.

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I finished a training today at the Local Union! Yes, I already work in the movie industry but you should never stop learning. I work as a Studio Teacher. However, I took a three-day training for Set Medic. I don’t know why I did that. I love learning new things I guess. It’s a bit more detailed and skilled than what I was prepared for. I was like, “how hard can it be?” They don’t do much of anything.

Some set medics, I have seen, don’t do anything and that was my only impression on what a set medic does on the set. Hummm! I can stay out of the way, I thought to myself. I can sit in a chair and read a book for 12 hours in the shade. I can pass out bug spray and bandages every so often. I can even pass out water and say “make sure you stay hydrated.” Right? I was dead wrong! A good set medic is vital for a smooth production. The amount of fingers that get cut of is unreal!! The injuries are real and you have to know how to save a life.

Not to mention a typical day can be 12 hours to 18 hours long. Long hours can be a factor in lost limbs and heat exhaustion. It’s not glamorous. It can be extremely harsh conditions we are in to get the shot the director wants. As you may have heard not so long ago a woman was shot and killed on the set of a movie. I am not prepared for that. I don’t want to see someone bleeding all over. That’s one of those unfortunate things that should have never happened. I can’t tell you how that happened because of the number of safety meetings you attend to prevent things like this from happening. Hopefully, there is justice for her death! I would not have wanted to be the medic on set that day.

I thought I would be doing more of a first-aid assistant, not a doctor/ paramedic.

That was 3 whole days out of my trading life. I am trying to become a better trader. sighs! I always look at things on the bright side. Yes, I learned a lot. It was very interesting, to say the least. I have a newfound respect for all Medics. They have to supply their own supplies many times. There can be up to 500 people on set wanting sunscreen and pain pills. That’s just the simple inexpensive items someone may request. The production may not put it in their budget to get the meds the cast and crew need. I am trying to paint a picture for you. How can the medic make money when they are spending about 100 dollars on meds a day? You may ask about a kit rental. LOL! They are getting $20.00 to $30.00 a day for your kit. I am sure that’s helpful but is it enough? Yes, most medics have a lot of supplies from years of doing this. That’s a good fact as well. Remember, the people I started out in class God bless them all if they do this job. I have never asked the medic for anything ever on set. Knock on wood I have never needed it now I know why! The medic that are not doing their jobs are making all the other medics look bad.


No, I am not going to ever do it. You just never know but I don’t think that this is a job for me. I really learned a lot about a Set medics and I have a lot of respect for them. I am going to go back to acting. I am going back to my first love which is teaching acting, acting, singing, and directing.







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