We are going to suffer a little today but you know that deep down it is for the best. We are on the right path so let yourself be in peace and you will see how you get to where you need to be. The 7 of Pentacles - 22/04/24



Sun makes a quadrature with Pluto adds to the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus and stationary Mercury. The wave of emotions and imbalances that you are going to notice is going to be immense, especially if you have the Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Taurus, Scorpio, Leo or Aquarius. Sun recently entered Taurus urges us to seek stability and materiality, while Pluto in Aquarius pushes us to remove obsolete structures from our lives and radically change our focus. We will encounter situations that test us emotionally and our ability to adapt to changes. It is important to be open to the new to grow without friction even if that disconcerts us a priori. It is time to reflect, self-inquiry and introspection to explore what scares you in the depths of your being. Cultivate patience and accept the transformation process, because it will be slow and challenging. The Sun God of consciousness squares with the Death God Pluto to make sure you have understood the message. The more you resist, the harder the process will be. Today's letter dictates it and the stars show us the way. Flow with them and let your higher self be. Cheer up!!


The 7 of Pentacles means that you should stop for a moment and evaluate everything you have achieved so far before moving forward. Evaluate the remaining obstacles or what is preventing you from taking the next step towards your growth. If you have dedicated yourself to your goal and made the right decisions so far, your efforts will pay off.


In a consultation about romantic relationships, the card may indicate a time, a necessary pause, but it does not suggest the end of the relationship. It may also suggest that you may have recently experienced a period of absence and miscommunication.


The 7 of Pentacles symbolizes the fruits we reap with our effort and hard work. In the letter, we see a man contemplating the fruits of his labor. It seems that you have worked hard to sow and plant and now the fruits are lush. It seems his dedication has paid off and he finally stops to admire his work and the benefits of his efforts.


Therefore, the letter represents achievement, dedication and work ethic. It also reflects our higher state of consciousness, giving us broader vision, focus and perseverance to achieve our goals. This is not a letter of action, but of analysis and reflection. It indicates that it is time to take a step back and examine your progress so far before moving forward. You have everything to reap the fruits of your efforts, but without losing focus on what really matters.





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