The Moon enters Scorpio and Venus in turn enters Cancer. Moments to clarify and relate from tenderness. Situations will appear to relate with pleasure with our loved ones.The 5 of Cups and The Page of Cups - 17/06/24

On the day of the Moon, it enters Scorpio, the sign of Pluto, God of transformation and drama. We will be more emotional and some inner darkness that we had blocked will be illuminated. Let's not do dramas out of vice. For its part, Venus has just entered Cancer and offers us the possibility of connecting through pleasure with the people we love. It is a transit that amplifies qualities and aspects such as intuition, family, home, tenderness, sensitivity or roots. Good time to spread love around us and flow with love and joy. Time to dress with a big smile and look at life knowing we are unique with confidence and peace. Tenderness surrounds us and this energy encourages us to locate those parts of us that are demanding love and pampering. Today we get the 5 of Cups, which reminds us that even if we have had moments of sadness or abandonment, they will not affect us much longer and encourages us to develop that self-love and look inside ourselves to find those dark points. that we wish to bring to light by giving them tenderness. On the other hand, we have the Page of Cups, it tells us that it is a moment in which there are beautiful things at stake. That we have to count on the people around us and help us grow, giving ourselves the place we deserve and starting new stages of all colors. We begin the week where little by little we will be entering Cancer with a wonderful solstice already in sight and that will be felt as we get closer. Use tenderness in your day to flow with energy and clarity.



The 5 of Cups means that there may be some disappointment, but it is not something that will change your life profoundly. It may even bring sadness, but it indicates that it can be overcome. Maybe it is a situation of abandonment, disappointment or you may feel like you are missing something or someone.


It may also be that you have not yet received what you were hoping for or that you have made the wrong decision. Whatever the reason for possible frustration, the best thing you can do is overcome any pain that stands in your way. Only by recovering your self-love will you be able to overcome any possible problem or pain.


The 5 of Cups symbolizes difficulties, loss and the challenge of facing it. It is a relatively negative card, but it brings with it the alert that you change your attitudes and thoughts in relation to the moment or situation.


In the card, we see two glasses upright and three upturned, which conveys a sense of loss and is a reminder that nothing lasts forever. However, the pain and problems do not last either. Take the opportunity to focus on the two that you still have, because you can miss good opportunities or not take care of what really matters in your life. In the card we even see a bridge over a river that leads to a castle. That is, it suggests that you can still overcome your difficulties and achieve security and success at that time.



The Page of Cups indicates that good things are at play right now. The card indicates energy and enthusiasm, so it is a good time to start new projects or continue with the situation at hand. It can also indicate a new love, renewal in the relationship or in the mental situation. It also suggests that new friendships and alliances can help in our missions.


The Page of Cups symbolizes a positive moment. In the letter, the young man is alone on a beach and holds a cup from which a fish jumps. It seems that he wanted to make a toast, but is surprised by the appearance.


The situation indicates that something may suddenly arise in your life. It can be good news or the beginning of something very positive. Inspiration is seen as something that comes unexpectedly and often in a way we don't understand, so it's good to follow your intuition.


It also suggests energy, creativity and impetuosity to pursue your dreams. The card of cups has to do with the element of water, love and emotions, and the Page is a messenger of these things.





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