Moon in opposition to Uranus in Taurus finishing last degrees of Scorpio. Sun at the end of Gemini. Duality and well-reflected decisions looking at the possible consequences in our environment.The Queen of Wands and The Lovers - 19/06/24

Moon transits the last degrees of Scorpio where it opposes Uranus in Taurus. Uranus, the planet of change, the rebel and independent, faces the Moon, instinct and protection, the emotional and the familiar, giving us moments of internal conversations between what we want and what we must manifest in some situation. Sun ending the last degrees of Gemini intensifies the energy of this sign, giving us moments of duality between the lights and shadows of our inner child. Both aspects in our sky leave us with a last day in Gemini full of interactions that will test us to offer us the necessary learning before diving into Cancer tomorrow. Today's cards set that rhythm for us too, the Queen of Wands and The Lovers. The first tells us about security, concentration and determination when solving daily issues with love and passion. The strong feminine figure, Gemini, who has the courage to solve problems and help others in her path. Lovers, with all their Gemini energy, define the astral climate we have for today perfectly. It tells us about that duality and warns us about some of the decisions that we will have to make during the day regarding work or love. It encourages us to do so following our intuition but also alerts us that we cannot get carried away thinking only about ourselves since any decision made in this way can rebound on us. Every decision is movement and this is never individual. We must be aware of the consequences for ourselves and our environment, since in some cases it will involve a lot of prior reflection so as not to err in the proposed direction. Happy last day in Gemini before entering loving Cancer.



The Queen of Wands means a time with more focus and determination to achieve goals or resolve situations. The card indicates love and passion, both for solving problems and for others. It is a card that suggests courage and strength to pursue what you want right now.


Another reading suggests a woman who can help you whenever you need it, restoring peace and harmony.


The Queen of Wands symbolizes stability, concentration, security or even a woman who has the power to help in times of need. In the letter we see the Queen on her throne adorned with lions, symbols of her courage and power.


In his right hand he holds a wooden staff with plants emerging, that is, it is life that blooms. To the left and on the throne are sunflowers, symbols of fertility and joy. The black cat at her feet suggests that she is associated with the hidden side of energies, as well as representing her independence and sagacity.



Often, the Lovers card has to do with an important decision that must be made. When the situation involves work or love, it suggests that you follow your intuition. If your heart tells you to follow a path, trust your instincts. Just don't do things thinking only of yourself, as that could backfire. Always think about who is involved, try to do what is best for everyone.


It's a couple, which suggests that the decision we make influences other people. That is, it symbolizes that the issue at stake can change your life and the lives of others. In some cases, the card may indicate a time when you must choose between a particular situation in the issue. Such a choice depends only on you. The important thing is to follow what your heart tells you and think about those involved.


The Lovers is Tarot card number 6 and basically symbolizes some decision that must be made. This Arcanum says to follow your heart when making an important decision, but don't forget to consider the consequences, suggesting that it should involve a lot of thought. In the order of the Major Arcana cards, the Lovers come after the Pope, an arcana that represents the pursuit of knowledge. Here, there is more clarity to establish your values and know what you believe.


In the letter, we see the archangel Raphael. His robe represents royalty who is protecting the couple. The sun shines, the land is green and fertile. The snake in the tree alludes to the story of Adam and Eve and the temptations of the world, which arise from knowledge. There are also twelve llamas, which represent the twelve signs of the zodiac. The man looks at the woman, who looks at the angel, indicating the path from the conscious to the unconscious, reaching the superconscious, or the path of physical desire, which passes from emotional needs to spiritual concerns.





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