The trip of the President of Mexico with Trump

Since Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, president of Mexico, began to govern, he had never traveled outside the nation, now that all those related to him visit the United States we are waiting for this election year where Donald Trump will seek his reelection.

What stands out at first, before knowing what will happen today between the two presidents, is the fact of knowing that he is traveling on a commercial flight having five private planes of the Mexican government that he could have used, giving an impression of " austerity "when it already falls into demagoguery and its excess, not showing due respect to the onslaught of its nation.

If it is a first international trip by the Mexican president, what should be tried is to make the country he is representing stand out and not ridicule him with this type of actions that in this century are honestly no longer seen.

What would be expected of the visit in the first instance, the truth is that for sure it is not known, and even less with the diverse ideology of both countries.

We hope that the two nations understand that in this modern era, the goal is to open up the economy and not isolation that will lead the Mexican nation to debacle and the United States towards little uncertainty. As its name says, the expired is already in the past, and with this global economic crisis the world must support itself to get ahead with new technologies and the avant-garde vision that dictates the new futuristic rule of the digital age.




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