Free-flow of money thought, 3-26-2022

By chuxster | THE E.B. | 27 Mar 2022

  • allows one to earn while focusing on other things ;company claims that one can more than $8500 per year. If one doesn't have a car, might look to manage those of older retired citizens who would like to earn income but are not computer saavy.

  • This is a tour/show gig. One can choose his or her own pay rate per hour per person. The average made per customer per hour is between $50 to $60. One group of 5 would net you at least $250 per  hour. A smart thing to do might be to run a comedy show or play ticket sales through this platform and leverage one's own audience to attract attention from casual viewers on airbnb. If you sell tickets through a box office only the people in that community know about your show/tour/etc. But if you sell the tickets through airbnb, they'll push traffic to your post if they see it's popular already.

If you'd like to learn more about Airbnb tours, you can listen/read the content in this link -->

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