Accumulating coins by rebalancing from one coin to another (LTC to XCH | XCH to LTC), I managed to accumulate a decent amount of coins without investing my own money. Just yesterday (1.03.2024) I rebalanced by selling 1/10 of LTC to buy XCH.


I made a purchase of XCH coins today.

After a couple hours, the price of the token is leaving the accumulation zone, which makes me very happy. I believe that the value of one coin on the bull market will be over 2000 dollars (this is by no means, not financial advice). In the following article I explain in detail why the coin will reach that price. And please note, this is not a halvin that will happen, today tomorrow (in general the other day).

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"Implementing an Idea: Money from the Air"
"Implementing an Idea: Money from the Air"

My goal is not to give you a fish... My goal is to give you a fishing rod and show you how to fish, and what your catch will be is up to you

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