The Return of Disney

By honeyham420glazeit | The Doctrine | 11 Jul 2020

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida reopened this morning (July 11th) to the general public for the first time in 4 months today.  While COVID 19 cases surge in Florida as the new American hotpsot the park is requiring visitors to wear masks and social distance. On top of masks and social distancing, Disney has required visitors to use a new app to request food and rides, be subject to temperature checks, and have cancelled several large crowd events such as Parades.  Park capacity has been reportedly reduced as well due to the new reservation requirement.  Will all of these things save people from COVID as they visit the most "Magical Place on Earth"? Will it even be profitable to operate like this? All will be told as America delves deeper into the Coronavirus Pandemic.  Will you be visting DisneyWorld soon?

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