Staking Bao on xDai is now Live ... How to Stake Bao on xDai ... Step by Step

By stereoIII6 | The DeFi Guy | 6 Mar 2021

People who have used the Sushi Network before will most probably get along very well with bao finance & bao swap  ...

But everyone else will most probably be happy to see this Tutorial especially if you want to be an early adopter of new infrastructure technology ...

Before you can start you will need some xDai and some BAO roughly the same value on the xDai Sidechain ...

You need your Metamask ready Setup for the xDai Chain ...

Step #1
Visit the Bao Swap Interface connect your Metamask and choose the "Pool" Tab ...
Hit "Add Liquidity" and enter the amount of bao you want to provide liquidity for ...
Then Approve and Confirm your Transaction


Step #2
Visit Bao Finance
Support ELI73 use Link ::

connect your Metamask and hit the "Menu" Link ...
Hit Select on "BAO Party" ...

Hit "Approve" in the 2. Card ...
After approval hit the  "+" Button that appears  ...

Choose the Amount you want to Stake and hit "Stake" ...
After the transaction is confirmed you are officially
staking BAO on the xDai Sidechain ...

Tap your shoulder a bit and dont get nosy

greetings from berlin
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