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Utopia is a platform created by the 1984 Group consisting of a team of professional software and cryptographic engineers.Their goal is to change the way international people communicate by providing a secure & decentralized ecosystem named Utopia.

II-What is Utopia?

Utopia, as a platform, distinguishe itself by using a peer to peer network to ensure security and decentralization as there is no server involved when it comes to storing data. Messages and files are never stored in a server and are strongly encrypted to avoid interception of cummunication.

III-What are Utopia features?

⚝ Send Messages to your friends and contacts

⚝ Send uMails (internal secure emailing system)

⚝ Join & communicate with people in Group Chats

⚝ No collect of sensitive data like IP, Geolocation, Emails etc..

⚝ No censorship

⚝ Mine Cryptons (Built-in cryptocurrency) without CPU Consumption and use it to Send & Receive payments

⚝ Make a Crypton Card (for Merchants)

⚝ Host websites inside Utopia (Built in Browser)

⚝  & Much more!


This is a quick tour of the software using Screenshots taken by me:



uWallet & Crypto Cards:


Group chat/channel:


Mining Crypton: (NO CPU USAGE)


Note: Utopia is currently in Beta phase, thus mined Cryptons will be reset when beta ends.


Hungry for more? Join Utopia now and get rewards for your contribution during the beta phase!

Beta link: Utopia Beta

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