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By Kailash Mina | The Crypto Time | 12 Apr 2021

Hey Everyone, welcomes to My blog Crypto Times and Hopes you Guys are doing Absolutely good. So This article on YouTube Alternative - D.Tube

Centralised Video Platform like YouTube, Disney Hotstar, NetFlix etc is a Well known platform by Viewer. YouTube is the number 1 platform for online video watch, Content Creator, Advertisement and a huge number of Users. But The Centerllised platform makes some terms & Conditions and Restriction for users and Creators. So that Reason produced a Decenterllised blockchain Video Plterform for Users and Creators. 





D.Tube is the Blockchain-Based Video Platform Like A Reddit in Which Earn Crypto for Posting, Watch, Like and by Other Activities. And D.Tube provide a Blockchain Advantage like Cryptocurrency and CryptoArt.


Special Features of D.Tube

  1. Decentralised Platform
    D.TUbe is the Decenterllised platform having no Central Server and Store the Video Content in the  Blockchain. So It is impossible to Temper the Video Content.
  2. Secure Service
    All Data Not Stored in the Single Place and It is stored in Blockchain so It is impossible to hack the account.
  3. No Ads
    In youTube like Plateform, there have tons of Ads and Tracker which waste our time and take our Data. But in D.Tube have no Ads
  4. Earn Money
    YouTube have Monetise policy in which Channel have more than 1000 subscribe with 4000 watching hours in 1 year. But In receive Steem Dollar which Credited in your Wallet.
  5. No Censorship
    No one Can Delete your Video, and Censor your Video Content.


How To Start Your D.Tube Channel

  1. Click and Signup on D.Tube ( link in Comment Section)
  2. Click on upload
  3. You can upload directly from youtube by Pasting Link or upload from your File
  4. Fill All the Details


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