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btc over 9000

Bitcoin Is About To Go Super Saiyan If.....

By Krypto Fan | The Crypto Revolution | 29 Apr 2020

While watching the recent climb of Bitcoin
from in the high 7k range just yesterday, to a
few hours now reaching the high 8k territory,
the chances are very high that it will break 9k again
before the halvening. And I can just imagine all the
Bitcoin fans out there pulling a Vegeta, screaming at the top 
of their lungs "It's over 9000!!!," when it does. 
Before these recent BTC movements, I did not
think that Bitcoin would break 10k anytime
before the halvening, but now, contrary to my
previous BTC pre halvening projection,
I think if Bitcoin breaks 10k before the halvening it may
be a sign of a short halvening price spike. 
As I just mentioned above I wasn't expecting bitcoin to
get excited near the date of the halvening.
But, if it continues to rise, especially at this rate then
it may just go for a short bull run and a correction shortly
after the halvening. Simply put if Bitcoin dares to
break 10k before the halvening, fueled by various
factors it will go super for a short while. if it does
don't be greedy, take your profits and prepare
for a correction.
please note.
I am not a financial advisor, this is merely my

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Krypto Fan
Krypto Fan

I'm a multitasker who is passionate about a lot of things including spirituality, art, photography, writing, entrepreneurship, and cryptocurrency.

The Crypto Revolution
The Crypto Revolution

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