Will there ever be money

Faucets - will I ever make money?

By Myten | The Crypto provider | 25 Nov 2020

Hello again


Today will I share my experiences of Faucets and the profits you may get from it.

I have tried different faucets and will rewiew Faucetcrypto and StormX


StormX was such a rush for me at the beginning. Easy tasks and lots of fun games to install and get rewarded from. They also have a lojalty-program that is developed in a nice way. 


After I had done the first tasks and got a reward equal to 10+$ was the rest of the tasks only achieveble by buying stuff. 


I am aware that StormX puts a lot of effort in to giving % back on every buy on their website and I think that is amazing. But the reason I joined, to earn some easy coins while doing test/playing games did fall behind.


I still recommend you to try it and the start was all good in my opinion.


Faucetcrypto. I have used it for over 2 weeks now and at the beginning did it just rain rewards over me. The system is very simple. You do a few tasks, klick som boxes and get rewarded with their coin that you easilly can exchange for crypto.


The exchangepart have worked so smoothly and I have traded in over 100.000 of their coins in cryptos. The coins are not worth a great deal tho and after a while does the rewards tend to stop. The last 4 days have I not been rewarded once beside the easier tasks that gives you 10-40 coins. In this speed do I need 3000 tasks to earn 1 dollar... 


So in my opinion is this a fun hobby to waste some time and get some free crypto. But if this makes you rich will I be very surprised. 


By my experience so far is faucets more timeconsuming than rewarding. Focus on other things untill they make a more sustainable way to pay out rewards


Best of luck and I hope you find this information usefull. Feel free to comment if you disagree



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