Crypto Band and Dumps and FUD oh my

Crypto Bans, Dumps and FUD oh my


Hello Publish0x welcome to a brief summing up of a very large scale view for the crypto market, the highs achieved have quickly been plummeting and everything is red, deep bloody red and I know for those of you with large holdings it can be tough to watch money disappear. For our newcomers it can be even more stressful and challenging because of unfamiliarity with the Crypto-verse. I want to start by saying one statement.


This Too Shall Pass.


The 25% slashes in prices must be seen as a discount for our DCA ( dollar cost averaging) gang, hodlers keep on and don’t look at your portfolio unless you just want a chuckle or planning more investments. Day traders, swing traders, margin and futures swingers, I hope you all have either held on or made moves to suit your goals respectively.


Crypto is extremely volatile, this is especially evident after a few peaks and all time highs get matched by selling pressure and bad news to bring prices back down, we will recover and banning crypto as a country is a show of desperation to hold on to a sinking currency of fiat, lira and rupees I’m looking at you. If a country can’t see the advantage of adding liquidity and fluidity to an old rusted system that’s just mind boggling. Please don’t take any notes Uncle Sam.


The chances for profit lie on these days and turning points, the quote that stuck with me in my findings was


“ buy the dip that scares you”


Now This goes with a grain of salt as crashes and dumps and anything is really possible in crypto, it’s a double edged sword and I hope if you are finding yourself hurting today, know there’s hope for tomorrow.




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I’m no financial adviser, I’m still learning a great deal for myself and have begun a journey to share it with others if you find it educational or entertaining.



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Danny Wayne

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The Crypto path from the Crypto Batz
The Crypto path from the Crypto Batz

This blog will consist of my view of the crypto-verse, my stance on BtC vs. altcoins as well as my guides to getting ones toes in the water without putting forth capital. Interest is free but is quickly being recognized as a form of energy and payment

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