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This week in crypto | Week 9 | The Crypto Paper

By TheCryptoPaper | The Crypto Paper | 2 Mar 2020

Crypto markets skid amid global panic over coronavirus

Negative investor sentiment appears to have seeped into the crypto markets amid one of the worst weeks in stock market history. While the Dow Jones saw a decrease to 25,200 from its Monday opening of 28,400, the crypto market has taken a sizable stumble itself with total market cap falling from $294 billion on Monday to $245 billion on Saturday.

Judge from New South Wales, Australia, calls cryptocurrency a “recognized form of investment”

A course case in NSW, Australia, has attracted attention from the cryptocurrency world as a judge allows the defendant to use cryptocurrency as bail, citing that it is a legitimate form of investment like stocks and bonds.

Iran seeks to use cryptocurrency to work around heavy sanctions

According to numerous reports, the new leader of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, Saeed Muhammad, has stated in a Telegram group that it would be possible for Iran to avoid heavy western sanctions by using cryptocurrency, due to its unregulated and unrestricted nature.

Controversial ERC-20 named “CoronaCoin” makes its debut

A new token on the Ethereum blockchain has been revealed that has a total supply equal to the total population of humans on earth. The coin is set to burn an amount of tokens every 48 hours equal to the number of people infected by the real world coronavirus. The token takes a rather morbid spin on the recent popularity of deflationary cryptocurrencies.


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