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Fight to expose Craig Wright as a fraud takes an unexpected turn, Goldman Sachs ratchets up a critique of cryptocurrency, and Google and Samsung spur crypto adoption

By TheCryptoPaper | The Crypto Paper | 3 Jun 2020

Bitcoin transaction signed with text calling Craig Wright a fraud

Craig Wright, the controversial founder of Bitcoin SV (Bitcoin Cash fork), who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, has in the past published a list of early Bitcoin addresses that he supposedly owns. One of these addresses has recently become active, with the text “Craig Steven Wright is a liar and a fraud” signed in the TX log. Along with this text is additional text saying Bitcoin’s key to success is the improvement in onchain ability, not constant forks.

Goldman Sachs makes the argument that cryptocurrency isn’t even an asset class

Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs in an investor call railed against cryptocurrency by stating that it does not believe cryptocurrency to be an official investment grade asset class. The arguments included that cryptocurrencies do not build value, like corporations, but rather rely on someone else buying at a higher price.

Google partners with Theta

Theta is a protocol that seeks to support a decentralized streaming network. Google, the parent company of YouTube, has announced a partnership with the team to help them with upcoming updates to the network.

Gemini partners with Samsung

Samsung and Gemini have announced a partnership that would allow Samsung blockchain wallet users to be able to integrate their Gemini accounts into the app. This should make buying and selling cryptocurrencies much easier for every Samsung phone user.

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