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Why Harvest Is the best place for Single Coin Staking on BSC

By tim-time | The Crypto Nomad | 22 Apr 2021

I don't know if you've noticed, what with all the crazy stuff happening in crypto lately, but Harvest went ahead and set up an awesome new farm for all the BSC natives. 

What's Harvest you say? and their FARM and iFARM token have been the darling of the autocompounding, gas-saving world over in ETH land for some many months now. You simply put your LP token from PancakeSwap or GooseFinance or Sushi (if you are on ETH) into one of their plots of land, and then step back and watch as the money starts growing in.

They take all the work out of it for you. You get a great rate on your token (which autcompounds back into what you put in) and you get some shiny FARM tokens as well. If you go check out $FARM on twitter you can see a lot of the humble farmers love it. Basically its a win-win. And you can always bridge your FARM over to ETH if you want to get an extra 50% yield (or just hold it on bsc for now until you can do that here also 🤫 ).

But wait, I have autocompounding farms already..

Ah you do? Oh wait.. of course you do, so do I. Well true, why would you switch to Harvest? Well for the memes obviously. 

But actually no there's several good reasons.

1. Their VENUS Single Coin pools are some of the best rates you can get on single coins anywhere. It's a great way to hold your ETH or BTC safely and securely and take a nice profit. 

2. Get exposure to that sweet sweet $FARM token. 

3. Find new pools and get exposure to them also. 

Finally, they are a strong community and have a number of audits done already, so there's really no reason not to get in on the fun down at the ranch. 

You can also go ask around their discord for help or information about anything (they're nice I swear). 

Save your gas and get some honest work done. 

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