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By KHubbard | The Crypto New Jack | 19 May 2021


On December 8, 2020, the Governance Research Institute hosted the First (E-)Governance Focused Conference that was an over 5 hours long conference to help people learn about governance, blockchain, decentralized organizations and voting. The panel for Governments & Blockchain included Panelists Loretta Joseph & Stefano Tesca with Moderator, Kamal Hubbard.





Kamal Hubbard is a lawyer by training who spent several years at Stanford University’s Rock Center for Corporate Governance. While there, he worked with a former Securities and Exchange Commissioner and managed research into federal securities litigation and global corruption. Mr. Hubbard is certified in Fraud Examination, Cybersecurity, and Decentralized Finance. Kamal has formerly worked with the City and County of San Francisco and now oversees compliance matters in the Office of Civil Rights for the San Mateo County Transportation District. In 2018, he had the privilege of testifying before California’s Senate Banking Committee on the basics of blockchain and Bitcoin.

Kamal is also the author of DeFi for the Diaspora, which can be found on his website: www.kamalrhubbard.com




Loretta is the fintech consultant at the Financial services Commission (Mauritius) and is a board member of the Regional Centre of excellence (Mauritius) in collaboration with the OECD on Fintech. Loretta is an external resource to GIABA, she regularly advises a number of global organizations on responsible adoption of financial technology across policy makers, governments and industry, specifically blockchain. She was the fintech and regulatory consultant to the Government of Bermuda, presently, Serbia and the Premier office of South Australia. Loretta has advised many international banks, global hedge and pension funds on managing portfolio and exposure to derivatives and related products. For the last decade, she has been paramount in successful transaction facilitation for Foreign Investors in India and other emerging markets. Loretta sits on the advisory board of UWS (Business School), Blume Ventures (India). She is also an adjunct fellow at UWS (Australia). She was the recipient of the Fintech Australia “Female leader of 2016” She was the recipient of the Fintech Australia “leader of 2017 and Sancta Sophia College (Within Sydney University) Alumni Award 2016, 2018 and current 2019 alumni Award recipient for Social impact. Loretta holds a bachelor of economics degree from the University of Sydney.




Stefano was employee #8 at Wind, a telecom and internet company that made an exit for $12.1 billion. Entrepreneur, bestselling author, and digital alchemist. He’s been featured in “20 Must-Read on the Future of Work”, together with Satya Nadella, Eric Ries, and Tim O’Reilly. His TEDx speech is one of the most-watched videos on unbanked, financial inclusion, and FinTech in emerging economies. His work has been covered and published by major media including the BBC and Wired. Stefano has been an advisor for different governments on FinTech and Blockchain, non-executive director for multiple companies and a private university, and he's a member of the Isle of Man Blockchain Regulatory Roundtable. Since 2018, he spends a good amount of his time helping traditional business and investors to start crypto funds and understanding Blockchain and DeFi.


You can find more information on the Governance Research Institute at https://governanceresearch.institute/

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