[Heads Up] Synergy of Sierra is a sleeping giant. Ignore it at your own risk!
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[Heads Up] Synergy of Sierra is a sleeping giant. Ignore it at your own risk!

By m3ss | The Crypto-Gaming Guild | 3 Aug 2021

With Splinterlands currently redefining the Play2Earn scene there are more eyes looking at the games we love than ever. Well strangers, if you are are looking for something that may work out well for you in the same way Splinterlands has (Or you wish it had) I want to recommend Synergy of Sierra. It's gonna be the first NFT Deckbuilding game (meaning you don't even need to collect cards to play) and it's gonna be massive!


Right now, You can basically stake the crates (big packs) to earn premium currency that you'll eventually be able to use to buy fancy promo items and make your cards shiny and special. The crates have a tiered sellout model and expect to see the window to buy Transcendent Crates (the better of the two types of crates available) for cheap to close sooner than nearly anyone expects.

But first, when it comes to lore and storytelling, I like the top down design of having the story be a world being invaded and having that play out in the gameplay as everyone having this f2p deck and cheaper base set of cards of all the factions on this planet but then there is a premium pack type that is the only place you can get the multiple invading factions cards. That's a really neat model and i's going to roll out well in practice.


Back to crate pools, the tiers levels have already been selling out faster and faster and I've not noticed really anyone talking about how the tier pool sizes start to shrink coming with the next tier.


If you look close here t1 was only 20k crates each tier would +10k to the overall pool. This topped out, and stopped, at t5 (at 60k) with t6 being identical (except it's selling out much faster and costs +$1).

As of t7 the tier pool starts to SHRINK 10k a level going back down to only 20k crates in t10. Please remember that the tiers have been selling out each faster than the last through price increases while the pool has been increasing. When this tips and the pools start to shrink this is going to turn into a FOMO bomb and people will want the Transcendent Crates (which are the best crates) before they sell out at any price.

Base set crates have the same model and will do the same thing but with less gas on the fire because you cant get the best card in these packs.


Devs have already revealed that the "Alpha Fame" system is not leaving the game when it launches, it's just transitioning to the "Fame" system. I think it's going to work extatically how it does now and just have "Fame" serve as a different resource (FAME as opposed to ALPHA FAME).


People are going to suddenly realize the reward for staking these crates has no end date and that just owning them creates passive wealth. Then they'll be added to an auction house and the price will boom yadda yadda yadda. I advise you to get in now while the getting's good!

I hope this was helpful! Please feel free to tip me by sending whatever you want to @m3ss on HIVE. It's often how I learn about cool new projects and something that is uniquely possible with crypto-assets!

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I hope this is helpful and I was able to help you learn something today!

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