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Movie Rock Legend and make Indie Film NFT History

In another ground-breaking move, PikaPixel, the revolutionary platform at the intersection of blockchain technology and filmmaking, has teamed up with the movie and rock legend, John Parr to launch the first indie film to be co-financed through the sale of NFTs.

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The short film ‘A Pack of Five’ was inspired by the Welsh First World War poet Ellis Humphrey Evans, Hedd Wyn (Welsh for Blessed Peace) who was killed on the first day of the Battle of Passchendaele in 1917.

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The 15-minute short film is scheduled to be filmed towards the end of 2024 in Wales and at the Artillery Wood Cemetery, Ypres, Belgium.

A selection of respected and award-winning independent filmmakers are currently putting the PikaPixel Pitch Platform through its paces, and ‘A Pack of Five’ is the first of these films to be listed and will be launched on the 1st March.

The Grammy-nominated singer songwriter and award-winning filmmaker John Parr summarises ‘A Pack of Five’ as, “Five strangers find a moment’s peace on the battlefield. Sharing a joke and a smoke in the mud of the Somme, they realise they share more than a pack of five. Words more powerful than their rifles now silent on the ground. Sometimes the pen is mightier than the sword.”

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6000 ‘A Pack of Five’ NFTs will be available from 12pm UTC on 1st March and they can be purchased for $10 in MATIC.

Rewards, access and privileges will be unlocked for NFT holders throughout the film’s pre-production, filming and beyond.

Come onboard; the revolution is underway to break the stranglehold of ‘Big Cine’ and liberate independent filmmaking from the shackles of controlled funding, promotion and distribution.

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