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By Joshyboi | The Crypto Fill | 31 Aug 2022

August was kind of a fun month, I had a lot of things going on, I started school up and took a little break on all my crypto earning sites. 

without further a do here are my stats for this month. 



this month I took it easy on cointiply i just rolled the faucet and clicked on a couple PTC ads and watched some videos for some crypto. I started this month with about 5000 cointply coins which is $0.50 and I ended the month with 10198 which is about $1.05. So I made about about 50 cents this month which is pretty bad but considering I was pretty inactive I it's all good



I like this site, because you can claim the faucet every 5 minutes and all you need to do is just solve a captcha. This month I started at 1901 sats and my current balance is  3,302 sats, Same story here I claimed the faucet whenever I was on my computer, and once again this is one of my favorite sites considering how easy to use it is. 


I did not keep track at how much I made this month but I'm at about 2000 sats here from just rolling the faucet every hour, Im not to worried about making money on this site. I'll make sure to do a better job at keeping track in September for this site.


My next category is my P2E or my play two earn games I have two here Rollercoin and a new game I found Mafiozo. 


everyone knows about this game it does not need an introduction. This month I did not really mine too many coins except RLT and maybe polygon and SOL for a week or two. Most of my time has been trying to increase my mining power. I did not keep track of how much RLT I made but I did make 0.45285046 Matic and 0.0016441 Sol which is about $0.27 and $0.06 respectively I have then put about 375,000 Sats into this game so now I'm down about 75-80 dollars. I will keep track of this and make sure to account for the deficit I have created which is not problem I'll slowly close the gab and I'm not worried about it. 


I found this game while looking through articles here on Publish0x. It's a game where you upgrade your character by going to school, working out, and buying cool houses and gear. You earn respect  and then you can trade it for crypto. They just added a whole list of different coins you can exchange for. But this month I was about to able to get about 95k respect which is like 10cents worth of crypto, its really easy to get more I just wanted to try the game out so I didn't try my hardest to gain lots of respect.  


Mining and other Background Apps

here in this category I have honeygain, unmineable and crypto tab


This is really the site I used this month because it works when I open my computer and I don thave to run any programs 


As you can see I really wasnt using my computer all that much I only made 1451.68 Honey gain points this month. this next month I plan on using my computer a lot more and so my reward should be higher. 

Cryptotab and Unmineable:

I did not use these that much this month, I literally only made 5 sats off of unminable and only 10 off of cryptotab this month so there's not much to report here. 


Finally Publish0x:

This month I mostly just tipped people and that was about it. I also won the tallyho writing contest, which I ended up winning $5 dollars! that was super exciting I enjoyed that contest a lot. 



So this month I ended up making about 5.78 dollars which this my highest payed month since I've joined!!! YAY!


Wrap Up: 

After adding everything together I ended up making about $11.50 which isn't a lot but considering I was not to focused on making money in crypto this month I'm glad I could still earn some stuff. 


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