A Time of Crisis

By Joshyboi | The Crypto Fill | 9 May 2022

Bitcoin is now at $30,812 as of writing this article (5/9) 

We are in a time of crisis in the crypto and stock world. Right now some of the only coins doing good are the stablecoins and tron. Tron got lucky and made a big announcement of there stablecoin which boosted the coins price up, Though I doubt this price jump will live long if this crisis continues. So for today's article I want to talk about what I think a good plan of action is.

Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin is pretty much at a discount right now, so why not buy more and turn this bad moment into a good one down the line. or buy your favorite alt coin it doesn't matter 

2) Hold off on buying stablecoins for now

I personally think stablecoins are a great investment especially for new people to the crypto world and they arent to risky and offer a pretty decent reward. So hold off on buy them for now because you should buy Bitcoin or other good alt coins and ride this up wave that will come. Stablecoins will always still be at the same value today, tomorrow, next week and even one year from now. so hold off on buying them for now.

3) Stack your Staking Coins

These coins will make you money even if the markets down. That in theory, it might be less money but still money. So why not get something that makes you money pretty much all the time. Personally for me BNB, Tron and Cardano are some really good staking coins that seem to have a good future planed out for them. 

4) Be Calm and don't Panic Sell

Panic selling is something that will not help anyone so the best thing to do is either hold and ride out the storm or buy and make some money later. 


I hope yall have a good day and be safe, peace



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