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The world of Digital Assets and Blockchain Technology is changing the game across industries. NFTs have been the hottest topic in 2021 and it's not all fun and games. I recently came across a few project that have intertwined social good with Digital Assets. Enter Krappy Art. I know bizarre name but wait until you hear what they are doing. 

They are doing a cool NFT drop called #UndeadPresidents. The presale starts on the 25th of October and they've partnered with Watsi who are building technology to help create a world where everyone has access to healthcare; they will get 10% of each sale.

They (Krappy Art) have hard coded their wallet into the smart contract, so they never even touch Watsi's portion. I've come across other projects that are helping with Diabetes. When you combine efforts like this - it can raise awareness to many issues and do social good. I can't wait to see where this project goes but if you are not dialed into the world of NFTs you should. 

I am not being on the Cyperpunk art side of NFTs but the tokenization and what you can do when you give items a unique ID is mind blowing to me. Check them out and maybe you will join in the fun and do good at the same time. 


Connect with them here:

Key Information and Dates
Presale: Oct. 25th
Main Sale: Oct. 28th.
Only 3,000 to be minted.
Price: .08 ETH + gas 10% goes to Watsi.

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