27 May: Week Recap

"You're never ready for what you have to do. You just do it. That makes you ready."
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Happy Saturday Folks! Last week we saw Bitcoin lose $302.56 and this week it lost a little more; Saturday to Saturday once again it's FLAT. The best performing asset in the past 7 days was $MATIC - up 5.61% and is in position #9 on Coinmarketcap.com. Last week the Fear and Greed Index was at 48 and today it's 48; this is two weeks in a row - there is really nothing going on folks.

Most covered news this week was a three way tie with Hotbit halting ops, HODLers hodling, and Ron DeSantis protecting Bitcoin. The Podcast of the Week would have to go to Bankless with Nic, Eric, and Udi talking the Future of Bitcoin.

Monday the price of Bitcoin closed at $26,851.28 and the fear and greed index was 49. The most covered news of the day was Hotbit exchange halts operations, urges users to withdraw funds.(5)
Podcast of the Day: SLP480 The Bitcoin Handbook - Anil Patel | SLP

Tuesday the price of Bitcoin closed at $27,225.73 and the fear and greed index was 50. The most covered news of the day was Bitcoin is ready to soar as dormant supply increases as "HODLers" refuse to sell; as Michael Saylor says, "Never sell Laura." Speaking of Saylor, he believes "all big banks" will one day custody Bitcoin.(5)
Podcast of the Day: Making Sense of Texas’ Bitcoin Bills | Lee Bratcher | The Mining Pod

By Wednesday (Humpday) the price of Bitcoin closed at $26,334.82 and the fear and greed index was 50. The most covered news of the day was Non-profit organization Energy Web said its starting a free sustainability registry for bitcoin miners, which takes into account their energy inputs and impact on electric grids, according a press release.(3)
Podcast of the Day: The Future of Bitcoin with Nic Carter, Eric Wall, & Udi Wertheimer | Bankless

Right over the hump on Thursday the price of Bitcoin closed at $26,476.21 and the fear and greed index was 51. The most covered news of the day was Ron DeSantis announces his Presidential candidacy by promising to protect Bitcoin (which btw doesn't need his protection) and says that "citizens have every right to do Bitcoin."(5)
Podcast of the Day: Read_734 - Introducing Ark [Burak] | Bitcoin Audible

As the week came to a close on Friday the price of Bitcoin closed at $26,719.29 and the fear and greed index right about 49. The most covered news of the day was There might be a supply shock coming to Ethereum, it's balance on exchanges have dropped to a 5-year low; Whales are accumulating.(3)
Podcast of the Day: SLP481 Can There Be a Bullish Case for Bitcoin Custodians? with Kemal (pretyflaco) | SLP

Bottom line: As I type Bitcoin is trading at $26,738.38 and for the week (M-F) Bitcoin lost $131.99; Bitcoin is actually stuck right? Mark my words - when Bitcoin does decide to move again - it's going to be violent. Which way? If I were a betting man (and I am not) I'd say north. Remember Fiboswanny projected the possibility of $48K in June.

My belief continues to be that no matter what happens I will be okay. Which means, have enough at play to move the needle if the market pops, have some dry powder if it drops, and remain calm and move on if it goes sideways. Keep buying the dip, be smart, stay safe, stack sats, and HODL as "Matty Sats" would say!

Well that is a wrap folks, if you'd like to be in the know throughout the day, join me on Wubits where I am constantly sharing my thoughts about the Crypto market and personal development type topics. It's a community where you can meet REAL people, make REAL connections, and have REAL conversations. Thanks again for reading, watching, and listening with me.


Bitcoin holds 200-week average as traders say "inflection point" is here with Arthur Hayes predicting volatile 2023 followed by strong Bitcoin rally. Could this pull back been a bear trap? Meanwhile, Bitcoin Core has now launched version 25.0. This release comes with new features, various bug fixes and performance improvements, as well as updated translations. Mysterious anonymous Bitcoin Miner rakes in $1.7 Million in $BTC rewards in a day. Bitcoin miner Canaan’s net loss slightly improved in Q1 amid market turbulence.


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